Now You Know Why Andy Enfield Plays Patsies

USC lost to Texas Tech, 78-63, in Kansas City. The Trojans were outscored 55-31 in the second half.

So USC lost to Vanderbilt, an SEC team, and Texas Tech, a Big 12 team.

Andy Enfield prefers Robert Morris, Stetson and Cal State Bakersfield.

Now that he has the nation’s No. 1-ranked recruiting class, he should call Duke, Kansas and Kentucky for next season.


12 thoughts on “Now You Know Why Andy Enfield Plays Patsies

  1. Andy Enfield is a step below even Clay Helton. A lousy game coach who
    knows nothing about defense. Team plays out of control for many minutes during the game. Led by 13 in 1st half, and lose by 15 at the end to un-ranked Texas Tech. These are all his players. No real signature win in his
    career at USC. Clean house in football, basketball and baseball with coaching staff along with dead beat AD Lynn Swann.


      1. Teddy,

        I expected a report from you on how much Johnny Cheetin’ wooden paid his players and how much did he skim off the top for himself? BTW,
        your crappy basketball team hasn’t played anyone yet, bozo.


    1. No. Not close.

      Enfield is actually a decent coach. He has developed players who play in the NBA, a league that is much, much harder to enter than the NFL.

      USC has injuries to key players. And Thronton is a bust. That isn’t Enfield’s fault. He just isn’t as good as his hype out of high school.

      That said either Enfield needs to go full Westhead-LMU and run up and down the court every play because this team as constructed can’t play defense.


      1. IG:

        How do you account for last year’s Andyain’twinning’s veteran BB team that ranked 7th in pre-season polls, for the pathetic, mediocre season and the team’s failure to receive an invitation to the NCAA BB tournament?

        How do you account for SUCC’s listless, hideous, 2nd Rd NIT home loss to a generic E Coast opponent?


  2. It doesn’t matter who the coach is. I’ve been to maybe 8 games in my life. 3 at the sports arena, 1 at the forum against ucla, and i think 4 at Galen. OUR FANS DON’T SHOW UP ANYWAYS.


  3. Why isn’t Charles O’Bsnnon Jr playing for the USC basketballl team? I saw that he only played in the opener against Robert Morris.

    He was a McDonalds all American in High School.

    Is he injured? Did he quit the team? Is he academically ineligible? What is his status?


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