USC Morning Buzz: JT Daniels Had A Lot Of Support Last Season

Let’s take a step back and consider the offensive line Mater Dei High School featured in 2017: There was Tommy Brown (Alabama), Kekani Gonzalez (Boise State), Mason Kolinchak (Army) and Chris Murray (UCLA). There was also then-sophomore Myles Murao, who has been offered a scholarship by USC, UCLA, Notre Dame and Michigan among others.

No wonder JT Daniels doesn’t know what it means to be hit or face pressure.

Here’s a quote I ran back in January on Daniels, when I spoke to a writer who covered a lot of his games the past three seasons.

“He’s very good but he’s going to have some issues. He will have to face a pass rush. He had a great line and great receivers at Mater Dei. He didn’t have to worry about getting touched.”

Daniels has not been the same since he got hit in the first half of the Stanford game. This week he faces a Notre Dame defense that features tackle Jerry Tillery, who has six sacks.

You might remember Tillery because he stepped on Zach Banner’s foot after a play and also kicked Aca’Cedric Ware in the head after Ware was laying on the ground with a head injury during the 2016 USC-Notre Dame game at the Coliseum.

Maybe Daniels should call his ex-Mater Dei linemen to see if they can play Saturday.

18 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: JT Daniels Had A Lot Of Support Last Season

  1. JT Daniels was so overrated. Glad he’s starting at clown college tech.

    It doesn’t matter who ends up being the coach at clown college. The ole Chipper is gonna make whoever you hire his bitch. Saban, Urb, or Dabo ain’t walking through that door.


    1. John Harbaugh can take on your boy. He did it in the NFL , when the Ravens beat the Eagles. So can Jack Del Rio. Oh, how about Kyle Whittingham? Utah punked the gutty little Bruins this year at the Rose Bowl, 41-10…..oops. The list goes on this Saturday, when David Shaw’s Stanford will be up in your grill in Pasadena. And, don’t get me started on what a Dave Aranda defense could do to your day. We don’t need a Saban or Dabo or Urb, as you put it. Just a list like this is good enough.


      1. According to sources, Swann flew to Italy to talk to Art Briles about the possibility of hiring him as the next HC at southern cal. Even Briles won’t stoop that low. His “standards” won’t allow him to coach the criminal elements at southern cal. The clown college will have to settle for the coach Sean Porter of the Kilpatrick Correctional High School fame! Pray that he would take the job… He is used to coaching murderers, rapist, robbers and ausulters!

        #USCcovicts #HappyThanksgiving


      1. Feliz thanksgiving Hermanos. All kidding and barbs aside, I don’t think a super bowl winning nfl coach is going to step down into the college game and take on more headaches (recruiting, booster relations, etc) Jack Del rio would have a good shot, but still an unknown at this point as a college HC.

        USC has had a hard time getting the elite/well known coaches to come. I think they should find a coach at a lower level that’s absolutely killing it or a guy like Iowa state’s head coach.

        I heard a rumor that your AD favors a certain ex nfl coach nicknamed “bootyskin” (Hue Jackson). That would be hilarious.


      1. Hue got fired at Cleveland because his ego was way too high….same with Todd Haley…….they just couldn’t get along….it’s pretty weird when the owner gets rid of the head coach and the offensive coordinator in one move. Too bad, because the Browns seemed much tougher this year, but success is fleeting if issues takes over.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all on this blog (even the Ucla trolls) may all of the Trojans and others enjoy the day. There is only one other thing to say. For heavens sakes Steve Weller stop hogging the seven layer bean dip or The Fight is On.


    1. Yes, happy Thanksgiving, Old Trojan! I don’t mind the bean dip either, although I pass on it, and do the guacamole, instead…coincidentally they’re displayed side by side at Vons…. the store with the best, fresh made guacamole in supermarkets. And, yes, the fight is on.


  3. He’s doing just fine, Scottie. And remember, when he’s an all-american in 2 years, we’ll remember your 1st year whining about him.


      1. I’d say, have a better Spring and a better training camp. You had a full year to separate yourself from JT Daniels, and with just 3 weeks of fall camp, he beat your son out. Make better use of our off-season, and step up your game. Every journalist on the beat agreed with the coaching staff on this one (Maya, Webber, etc.)


      2. We’ve heard the bs before, like I said…problem is: THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG!!!!!! We’re grown people…experienced Trojans…..strike up the band! Beat the Irish!


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