USC Thanksgiving Pictures Of The Day

Did you know the 1938 USC-UCLA game, which was played on Thanksgiving before 65,000 at the Coliseum. USC won 42-7.

More recently, USC played Arizona State in 2007 on Thanksgiving (picture below). USC won that game, 44-24.

4 thoughts on “USC Thanksgiving Pictures Of The Day

    1. That’s the problem: USC NO LONGER HAS A PUNCHER’’S CHANCE! That means, little to no D! How many of us watched USC stay in, and/or beat a #1 , or close to it, team, with even a serviceable quarterback?!!!


  1. I do not even recognize this SC …When I look back to 1951 to today the coaching was usually to make the team compete with anybody incl top caliber…there were times due to whatever circumstance like in PCC days the program was devastated, similar to the ncaa BS 10 yrs ago …but the team practiced hard like a real football team…you will see Saturday what a difference it makes…sometimes it is just the q/b is hot, like bsktbl players hitting at 90% you can’t stop them…this will be at the line of scrimmage…full contact full speed practicing by ND…like Georgia Clemson and BAMA.


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