Another Strange Personnel Move

The fact Jack Sears does not start is mind boggling. But why has linebacker Palaie Gaoteote received so little time since he filled in for Cameron Smith?

Gaoteote might start Saturday if John Houston is still hurt. But he also should have played more this season. He can actually hit and play with speed. Unlike some other linebackers. He could obviously play middle to outside too so that makes him even more valuable.

Of course, Clay Helton bottled it. As usual.


20 thoughts on “Another Strange Personnel Move

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    But i have to say to Wolf in my opinion I don’t think if Sears was the starter from day 1 this season would be much different. Maybe we would be a team with one more win possibly. But that’s not what has held us or for that matter the growth of JT Daniels back. It was the undeniable low efforts from our (In no particular order) Offensive Line, WR’s who with the exception of Amon-Ra St. Brown all choked this season and they were all juniors. Throw in the comedy routine called Clancy Pendergast and his defense and you see my point that the QB positions life was doomed from the beginning with all this built up pressure added to his already young career. Fire Clay. Get a hungry defensive minded coach, I personally think Dave Aranda would turn this shipn around if he could get some good offensive coaches to come with him. But even Del Rio or Franklin. They have one thing Helton seriously lacks, and it’s that killer instinct on the sidelines. We need that.

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    1. I don’t have any problems taking a gamble on Aranda. I know Redlands, so it was a pleasant surprise when I found out he’s from there. He was roommates with Tom Herman of Texas, when they were at Cal Lutheran together.


      1. Lots of hard nosed, tough players out here in the IE…look at all the Southern Section CIF Division Finals this weekend….6 or 7 of those division finalists , or thereabouts, are from the IE….so, Aranda has knowledge of the area to recruit, along with the rest of the country, as he has qualified experience in the Midwest (Wisconsin) and the Southeast,(LSU), as well.


      2. That’s right. I forget that part that he and Herman go back. To be perfectly honest I think he would instantly turn it around. He’s not Monty Kiffin, Justin Wilcox or Clancy. He’s the highest paid Defensive Coordinator for a reason. And he showed USC and Helton up close in the Holiday Bowl that he brings it. Georgia went on to hire Kirby Smart because they knew they would be getting a big time defensive builder and its paid off. I’m sure Swann won’t even look Aranda’s way. Hopefully he upgrades soon because I hear the players parents are hammering Swann with complaints about Helton.


    2. You must be dreaming about the wide receivers. Pittman, Vaughns and
      even Falo played well making some very tough catches on poor throws.
      Vaughns is a R-Sophomore while St.Brown’s fumble cost the team the Cal game. Play calling was the big nemesis along with the too many dumb penalties.
      Agree Pendergast over rated for college ball defensively.


      1. Dreaming?

        What games have you been watching?
        I guarantee if you watch just the first 3 games of the season you will see how many drops and lazy efforts the pass catchers had.
        There’s too many to mention, but key 1st downs that killed drives and Vaughns just not coming down with balls he out jumped the defender for. A game where the WR’s ran into each other on consecutive plays.
        This has to be the worst group we’ve had in a while. They’re definitely talented enough to do big things, but they completely let the team down from what was expected from them.


    3. I think it would be different…Jack or Matt ,like Sam could get 1st downs and keep the ball moving …if they had all the attention given to Daniels they would both be better …they are not only good at the run but the offense would have been set up differently out of necessity…and the running backs would have better opportunities with a running q/b…nevertheless,SC would still have a head coach who is pathetic…still run practices in shorts, still get clobbered by top 10 teams,winning only Pac12 games.


      1. When it all comes down to it Clay Helton is a good guy. A good guy who belongs at a place like Nevada or San Jose St. He’s out of his league but he gave it his best unfortunately that’s not enough. We need someone who wont allow his DC give up 7 straight TDs in the Rose Bowl and look the other way because we won the game. Helton has to go. Bring in the new Coach and staff and when Spring starts these players need to fight it out for their positions.


  2. How can we go back and edit our comment to add something in???????????

    But I agree with SW. Palaie Gaoteote should have played more sooner. That game he got the concussion in it was obvious that he was the best linebacker on the field that night.

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