A Status Check On Where Things Stand

Depending on who you talk to, Clay Helton will either be fired this weekend or return for next season. Someone called me today and said James Franklin will be hired.

Just a warning: A lot of things can happen that contradict each other.

When USC hired Lane Kiffin in 2010, it sent a contract to Jack Del Rio. Did that mean it wanted to hire Del Rio? Not necessarily but it wanted to see how serious he was about taking the job.

So if USC reached out to James Franklin or whoever, it doesn’t mean they are offering him the job. It might not even mean he will take the job. It is a step.

Remember in 1996, USC offered the job to Lou Holtz. When he eventually turned it down, USC retained John Robinson.

So you could have said that November that USC wanted to fire John Robinson and hire Lou Holtz. And neither happened.

Same thing right now. USC might want to replace Clay Helton but a lot of things can happen and most that are written are untrue.


18 thoughts on “A Status Check On Where Things Stand

  1. Mike Garrett came in after McGee was sacked and then Smith followed ‘but’ McGee hired Robinson as he was moving on. Garret never trusted John Robinson, with cause, he (Garrett) remembered how Robinson had bailed out on USC as the tutor scandal was about to descend when the LA Ram job opened up. It is why he grudgingly gave Robinson an extension but sacked him after the 1997 season ended.

    Garrett has been deservedly pilloried by many for his arrogance and hauteur ‘but’ he also knew how to make a tough but necessary move. He hired Hackett but, to his credit, fired him with no one in mind. As noted Holtz and many others were approached (Mike Riley, Dennis Erickson, etc.) It was Daryl Gross who convinced Garrett to offer PC the job as it was Riley who encouraged PC to seek it.

    Who advises Swann? Who does he listen to?

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    1. There is a lot of coaching talent out there that would love to have SC’s recruiting base, and to be part of a conference that is so weak that SC could realistically expect 10-3 or better each year with a new coach.

      It is untenable at this point to keep Helton. 2016 was a great season once Sam took over, but that was that. If Helton stayed, recruiting would be a mess, every game next year would be followed by press conferences asking Helton whether he would be coaching the next game, every loss would be followed by an even louder demand for him to be sacked.

      Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, all figured it out recently with new coaches. Assuming Swann has reasonable counsel, no reason SC can’t figure it out as well.


  2. I need to hear that SUCC has pulled the trigger on Helton’s $15 million buyout before paying attention to the Rah-Rah’s, Sunshine Pumping fairy tale theories on the next SUCC HFBC.

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    1. Just a bum, how is that $36 million tranasaction go this year? I will tell ya, thug u paid mora $12 mil to leave and $23 mil for Kelly. Thug u went 3-8. Mora could have had the same record and saved the $23 mil. Stupid Thug U.

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  3. Guys like Holtz … Bellotti and maybe even Franklin will use SC for $$$ from the schools they are at. Finding an unemployed gem like Carroll ( maybe Del Rio ) is great oxen.


  4. Things could be worse. I don’t know how, but I guess doing nothing at this point would be the worst. When Peterson went to Washington people were upset the USC didn’t try to hire him, Haden claimed he did but Peterson said he wasn’t contacted.
    Now there’s a lot of talk about Franklin but if he’s just using the negotiations to pad his contract we are back to square one. I don’t think Helton can turn things around without a complete staff overhaul and heavy recruiting. We need players who can block and players who can tackle we need a coach who isn’t afraid to try someone else if the best in practice isn’t the best in game.


    1. Helton can’t turn the program around even with a complete staff overhaul and heavy recruiting. He simply doesn’t have enough for a top-tier program like SC.

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  5. Will Swann drop a huge bomb on us by giving Helton a 10-year extension after the season’s end? And I know which idiot will be jumping around the sucla sewers hearing the news. His name is Jackov, and his profession is seething with SC envy 24/7/365. LOL!

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  6. After years of boneheaded decisions by the SC establishment, years of scandal and embarrassment, years of instability and underperformance, why on earth would ANYONE consider the Trojan HC job? I’m surprised recruits are still interested.


  7. Bad journalism again from Scott Wolf. Publishing mixed messages. Reality is that we will find out something tomorrow. I hope USC steps up to the plate and plays Notre Dame close and possible upset. Having Paoete and Cameron as two key backers might help us stop the run and maybe put more pressure on the quarterback.


  8. Oregon, Washington, Stanford, Utah , UCLA all have programs on the rise, so if USC chooses to retain Clay Helton, then their football program will continue to sink . Helton has no idea what he’s doing, he recruits as if he’s in a flag football league, and he has no leadership skills what so ever, and never will.


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