Pick The USC-Notre Dame Score

Make sure to pick the score for today’s game.

Here is my take: I have been torn picking almost every USC game this season. Not today.

USC has no leadership and divided loyalties and I don’t really think even wants to play in a bowl game.

The fact Clay Helton could be coaching for his job makes no difference either.

What’s the over/under on when JT Daniels comes out of the game against that defense?

I might find this game mildly interesting if Jack Sears played significant minutes. At least we know he is No. 2 today because Matt Fink didn’t even practice. So Fink, who broke his ribs against Utah, was OK last week but his ribs felt worse this week? Or did he just know Notre Dame was the opponent?

How much booing will there be tomorrow? What will the post-game look like?

When does Lynn Swann make a move?

Oh year, the prediction: Notre Dame 45, USC 17.


23 thoughts on “Pick The USC-Notre Dame Score

  1. Picking a major upset in OT. USC 31 ND 27. Sounds ridiculous to all,
    but remember 1964, and the year ended losing streak to them with
    an OT win with Mark Cusano intercepting pass.


  2. Oh look! Twitter has footage of the Barney balloon going down in the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade.
    Now the millennial- good game trophy- crowd has left the blog, I can speak to the adults.
    I feel like there is a chance, a hope, a challenge for the Trojans to come out swinging today. Maybe they won’t cower in their corner and perhaps they will put up a good fight. They are still Trojans and for whatever reason they can fix this mess. Maybe disobey the coach and do what’s needed to win.
    I don’t pick scores I live with results, I already know it’s a wait until next year game, but I still will root for my team.


  3. My first home game was the 1974 ND game. The Anthony Davis game. We won the championship vote that year.
    USC is not nearly as close to that year.
    I pick the same score 55-24 ND.
    I will never boo the team but I’d like a new coach in 2 weeks.


  4. The guys keep it close in the first half, but struggle in the second half.

    ND 48 – 20

    I really can’t stand that leprechaun. Next year will be different under new management


  5. It would be nice to see a Trojan victory but we need to lose this game convincingly today making it easier for Swann to move on from Helton.


  6. Should SC come into an agreement to let both teams where their home jerseys when playing or keep it whit for the visiting team? I would like to see home and home colors


    1. who even knows what Dome’s home and away colors are? they mess with their uniforms about as much as Oregon does. You can only do that with teams who have classic uniforms.


      1. See that ‘throw back’ uniform they wore last Saturday against SYR? Man I thought the Angels uniform from 1997 – 2001 were bad (and boy they were) those ‘yankee’ inspired pants and the tiny sleeve on top with the ‘pin stripe’ was so suave…best was the helmet trying to look like the Steelers with their ‘secret logo button of nd’ emblazoned on the side. With corrupt – never has to bother playing a CCG – ‘princess’ it’s always about the money and how they play ‘away’ games in their conned rigged ‘neutral’ sites.


    1. PT, SUCC FB losers crave the repugnant stain of disgrace and humiliation generated by a baneful bozo loss in front of a lion rooting, national TV audience.

      SUCC FB, “the most talented” patsies to elite and sub .500 FB teams.

      UCLA 34 – SUCCs 27


  7. Why is everyone so negative??!! Southern cal wins 2-0!! Clay Helton gets another extension and so does Clancy Pendergast. Lynn Swann says southern cal is in great shape!



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