USC Picture Of The Day

The  Go Fund Me campaign that raised more than $14,000 hired a plane to fly this banner around the Coliseum this afternoon. It should say Fire Lynn Swann and Clay Helton.


6 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

  1. bel-air tech drew how many fans today at the Rose Bowl? Reminds one when Don Drysdale and Ron Fairly were co-announcers for the Angels at a game played in Oakland last week of the season when neither was in the running.

    Drysdale “Hey Ron how many people you think are here?” Fairly “I don’t know.” Drysdale “Let’s count em; 1..2..3..4..” Fairly “…uh 5….6….”

    bel-air tech – when things go south, as they always do….pump up the mythical peckerwood con job for relevancy


    1. Memo to: Commie Lush
      Re: The 2018 Ripple and Puke losers.

      SUCCs 3 (THREE!) – Stanford 17…….SUCC fails to score a TD. The SUCCs wind up 0 – 3 vs California Pac-12 FB teams.


  2. Interesting how Colorado fired their coach, although they gave him 6 years. Their AD said he is hiring a search committee, and would like a coach with previous experience. Just hope SC doesn’t give Helton 6 years. And Kansas hired Les Miles.


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