Discuss The USC-Notre Dame Game

USC has come out with energy and leads 7-0 after the first quarter. Why didn’t it do that last week?

USC now leads 10-0 after a field goal.

OK, USC is reverting to form with two fumbles and now a long TD run that gives the Irish a 14-10 lead.

Toa Lobendahn has committed 3 penalties. That is directly on Clay Helton, who refuses to switch centers.

Notre Dame made halftime adjustments. USC did not.


44 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Notre Dame Game

  1. They looked prepared and ready to play …. Where was this the last 5 weeks against poor competition .. This just shows we have talent and can play with anyone.. Let’s see if we can finish the last 2.5 quarters….


  2. Why are you all surprised???? I’ve picked southern cal to win! Give Helton an extension during half time! 6 more years! Clancy Pendergast should be extended as well!

    Fire Clay Helton??!! NO F@ck You!


  3. “INABILITY TO ANSWER”…that’s the shameful hallmark of Helton-coached teams.

    The team scored the first 10 points to lead, only to allow them to score 17 unanswered points…

    Sounds familiar? It’s ALL on coaching because we didn’t seem to be seriously undertalented even with less depth for this game.

    It’s time to go, Helton. It’s time for a change at SC!

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      1. Yeah, I’m aware of it. I wrote the comment before they scored the last TD. But the point remains the same. The team clearly has that soft and unfocused character just like its coach, and we keep seeing the same maddening pattern throughout the season. Helton’s just a BS artist that can’t lead the team right.


      2. Regal, it is almost like fool’s gold: SC has the lead and therefore the staff doesn’t make any adjustments. How can a team be schizophrenic? Gang busters one minute, UCLA- like another.

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      3. And this wasn’t the first time the team played only the first half. Remember, how Carroll’s teams almost always came back in the second half to finish up the opponents by halftime adjustments? Guess not all coaches are made the same.


  4. Why give this coach another year? It’s profusely stupid to believe that somehow CH is going to transform himself into a legitimate Power 5 football coach in the next 9 months..


  5. They played hard and our Coaching Staff makes no adjustments … We need a new leader and direction .. This shows we have alot of talent but not well coached…. Swann you have to say tonight we are making a change …


  6. In the next day or so, wewill all find out what kind of leader LSwann is. Will he make a change, or let this program continue to hemorrhage?


  7. Daniels is a joke. The guy is yukking up on the sideline after throwing the meaningless TD – BFD.

    Should ND be selected for the playoffs, they will not advance.


    1. Which bowl is sucla gutties attending this season? Oh, at Yosinoya Chicken Bowl again? Haven’t the losers played there for five years in a row already? LMFAO!!!


    2. I was thinking the same thing. Must be another business decision. Btw UCLA played hard as well, but they at least have a rea coach.


      1. Isn’t our weirdo buddy Jackov special? The bozo must be one of the very few sewer dwellers that thinks a 3-9 football team is truly a gift from God. LOL!


  8. It is Chess (opposing Coaches) v. Checkers ( Helton and staff). Notre Dame made one, maybe two, adjustments against JT and the offense. When something is working, then taken away, something else will open up ( TEs). By now, Helton has to know this. The Ferrari does well in sunshine, once a little rain starts, the driver panics, crashes, and wrecks the car.



  9. The team showed up for their coach. Plagued by injuries and all hands on deck as the walk on got an interception, then got torched.


  10. According to sources, in true scumming way that is southern cal, Lynn Swann has told few insiders that Helton will be fired on February 8th 2019 so the prospects won’t be able to opt out of the NLI.

    #Southerncalway #LaneKiffinisreadyandwilling


  11. What the heck are you rah rahs talking about Helton not making any half time adjustments?? He put on a sweatshirt cause it got cold in the second half!



  12. Trojans covered the spread! If I were a betting man, I would have gone full boat on the Domers minus the points. Glad I don’t bet! Even at half-time, I knew we had about a 1 in 5 chance of winning. Tough season – fight on, people, see you next fall!


  13. ND has had too many close calls this yr…but SC has always faded in the 2nd half,typical of an unprepared team by the head coaches philosophy of soft practices with no pads and shorts and skipped practices…just the opposite of SC tradition dominating in the 2nd half and wearing opponent down…ND may make playoff of final 4 but will be eliminated…they are a good team , not great


  14. Nd was good but not great. The ACC refs made sure Nd won. On nd’s first td, there was a hold but no call. Also, they never reviewed the td itself. To me. It looked like he did not cross the line


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