Lynn Swann Speaks

USC athletic director Lynn Swann said right after the game that he has a plan for Clay Helton’s future and will tell Helton soon. He was asked about the 2018 season and said, “Do you think anyone’s happy with this season?”

That could mean Helton is getting fired or staying. Typical Swann move.


24 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Speaks

  1. Swanny really has become a politician. “ Mistakes were made”, “I can’t recall that I gave him unwavering support”” I have a plan”- great.
    A couple of years ago, Luke Fickell became the HC at Ohio State. He then took a lesser role within the OSU staff when Meyer took over. Fickell is now HC at Cincy and enjoying some success.
    Swann should offer Clay a role within the next regime (recruiting coordinator, perhaps). Best case scenario, Clay resigns and there is a clean break. You can’t take chance that this team will be better with this staff intact.


    1. I really don’t see Helton positively influencing the team by staying with the team in any capacity, I’m sure the new HC will be able to overhaul the staff just fine. Yes, a clean break would be the best.


  2. There was Kelly talking up Helton’s game plan. To be honest it seems Helton only plans half a game. SC had several chances to step away but they were dashed, all hope lost by the usual suspects. I doubt any of our current linemen will be drafted this year.
    As for Swann he is either closing a deal for a new coach or Helton will be given a chance to rebuild the staff. If Helton balks he can be fired for insubordination. Either way let’s go Rams

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  3. Yes Mr. Swann the entire PAC 12 is happy with the way the season went. USC did a face plant at times looking like the imposter team in a Disney movie. I could swallow this if we didn’t have the solution to the game on the sidelines just waiting to save the day. Stubbornness killed our chances and the rest of the league took advantage. So yes Lynn there were plenty of people rejoicing in our season.

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    1. The worse possible plan is to keep this guy and have a mutiny from our fan base. This makes no sense seeing as our first game in 2020 is in Tuscaloosa Alabama. So let me get this straight, we will trot out a first year coach in 2020 because we’re going to give this guy another year? We already tried that. Remember? it was a disaster. Let’s keep sacrificing our young talent on national TV. This will really help with our recruiting!


  4. As I said: Why give this coach another year? It’s profusely stupid to believe that somehow CH is going to transform himself into a legitimate Power 5 football coach in the next 9 months. Furthermore, his mediocrity has been exposed, and he won’t be able to attract good assistants. He couldn’t the first time around. The program will continue to hemorrhage if CH is retained as the head coach.


  5. Either Lynn Swann is seeking media attention, or he’s firing Clay Helton diplomatically, but either way, please stop playing games . But since Swann didn’t give Helton a ringing endorsement after the game, my guess is Helton is history

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  6. Every coach knows what happens after the dreaded “vote of confidence”… the “we’ve got a plan to move forward”. lol Good luck back in Western Kentucky coach.


  7. According to sources, in true scumming way that is southern cal, Lynn Swann has told few insiders that Helton will be fired on February 8th 2019 so the prospects won’t be able to opt out of the NLI.

    #Southerncalway #LaneKiffinisreadyandwilling


    1. Clay deserves another year. He’s a good man and he knows how to mold these kids into good men.

      He was snakebit this year. So many injuries and he still had a chance to beat #3 Notre Dame. Bad refs, so many injuries, frosh qb, very young team in general…. Clay will have this team humming next season.


      1. Hey Sam, I’ll let you slide with that remark just because I like you! Don’t let it happen again! Now tell me what you think about the “migrants” storming the border today.



  8. I can’t read Swann. Helton has seemed overconfident about returning next year but then again if he was Swann might as well have said that tonight or hinted.


  9. I noticed in heltons remarks not one word about changing the practices , to make this team stronger and as physical as SC used to be…just they tried as hard as they could…that is the problem,they have not been developed to where that effort is a win at the line of scrimmage; you can’t get there practicing in shorts,or having no pad pseudo practices in football,or passing up available practices to have fun ALL THE TIME…these athletes practiced harder in high school,which is why they were in playoffs and 4 and 5 star athletes,their coaches developed them to compete,helton does not have them ready to go 4 quarters.

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    1. You described “the problem” perfectly. Thank you. The problem is a clueless HC and his incompetent staff who have, in just two years, undone the SC football culture of fighting tough for 4 quarters and – anyone remember? – usually WINNING.

      Come on Swann…show some balls! This can of Helton is past its expiration date.

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