USC Morning Buzz: A Player Finally Admits Problems

Senior linebacker Cameron Smith questioned the competitive attitude of the team after the Notre Dame loss.

“Any time you’re 5-7, you question the buy-in. That’s the easiest part to look at, how much people were into it.”

“Sometimes with our team, there’s a question of attitude and the competitiveness. You can’t teach a kid to be competitive. You want to compete. It’s something that the entire team has.”

Smith is right about some players not wanting to compete.

I provide a shocking example of this at from Saturday’s game.

But ultimately, this comes back to Clay Helton because he is not a leader of men.

9 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Player Finally Admits Problems

  1. Whatever the problem is, lack of competition spirit of lack of direction it is systemic. USC has played to not get beat all season as opposed to playing to win. You see it in the reactions of the players. They just stopped playing and started protecting.
    As for Helton being a leader, I think the current culture on the team is his making and he has led them to it. Instead of fear or reprisal, there is no fear whatsoever. The we’ll do better attitude is only good in public. In practice those receivers should be afraid to drop a pass. That center should be afraid to snap the ball high. Helton doesn’t work that way.

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  2. Kiffin, Sark, Helton, Haden, and Swann. None of them were qualified for their jobs. Hoping that Swann takes a giant leap forward today, but I doubt it, not after telegraphing last night with “Coach, there are better days ahead.”


  3. The line improved with Drevno in a short period of time. I would of liked to see more of Markese Stepp last night.

    Scott Wolf and his whiney journalism is not a leader of men.


  4. Lynn, the driver of the bus you are ON doesn’t know what he is doing and has driven off the road and is headed over a cliff…DO SOMETHING!

    Nope, I prefer driver consistency, even if we all go over the cliff.

    Clearly, in this scenario, other passengers would take over and overrule the delusional Swann…to prevent their demise.



  5. It helps of course if one has a competitive spirit,it is part of any real football player. It does little though when that spirit is wasted in preparation to go against others with that same spirit who have worked hard and diligently ,see utah,cal Ariz st. ucla game for the difference, to get better and better through tough ‘real’ football practices blocking and tackling building stronger muscles tendons and ligaments through these collisions ,etc…you have to match or exceed your competitor…practices prepare one for that…not prancing around in shorts in a pseudo simulated version…that is make believe…just like the fresh legs BS.


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