USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Punts So He Can Golf

Lynn Swann kicked any decision on Clay Helton down the road for another year. A USC atheltic dept. employee said he basically is putting it in the lap of the new president, who has not yet been hired.

Why? Swann doesn’t really seem to like the day-to-day aspects of being athletic director and doesn’t want to solely own any big decision regarding football.

What is appalling about this is Swann is not shy expressing his disgust for USC football under Helton . . . behind the scenes. For example, he lashed out at defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast last season before a game about the lack of discipline. He told former USC football players (most of whom don’t really like him) that USC’s 10 victories last season were not that impressive because it really matters who you beat (USC lost to Notre Dame and Ohio State).

But Swann didn’t want to deal with the messiness of firing Helton, which probably included getting approval from a donor and asking for money to pay off Helton; then conducting a coaching search amid media scrutiny.

Instead, now he can continue to focus on playing golf and pretending he knows more than everyone else about football without really dealing with it.



17 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Punts So He Can Golf

  1. Swann has no business being AD. And now, he will be a co-football coach, without taking any responsibility for the results (at least the negative results). I suspect that any new assistant coaches will be de facto his hires, and not Helton’s. This actually could be a good thing, given who Helton hired before.


  2. Scottie, your opinions are getting really old! I don’t think anyone disagrees that retaining Helton was a poor decision by Swann or anyone involved with this disappointing decision. That of course was stated mildly. But sadly, it is what it is for another season, so let’s move on. Do you have any ‘inside’ scoop on which coaches or being let go and who the candidates are to replace them?


  3. Every cloud has a silver lining. To be sure, there’s nothing in Swann’s past professional experience, including this mess at USC, indicating he’s even remotely qualified to execute the process required to hire a quality head football coach, or any other high-level leader. This task is better left to the next president and AD.


  4. Lynn Swann is the biggest Black man in Los Angeles with the smallest balls. Huevos chiquitos. All eyes will be on his activities until Helton self destructs and all blame is placed on Swann. USC now has a black President who is afraid of her own shadow, and a worthless Athletic Director who is hiding behind her skirt. When did this place become Spellman College and Morehouse College ?

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  5. That sounds an awful lot like former Prez. Kool Daddio – barakska chevrolet! A lazy condescending elitist who knew he was the smartest person any time he entered any room. Barakska Chevrolet…can’t start….won’t pull and eats up gas


  6. what is really lousy for me? the last 10 years of BS courtesy of ncaa and now this…at 75 I doubt I will see a return to tough SC football teams led by a real Head coach and a decent AD…but I have seen a lot of good SC sports since 1951,incl swim meets baseball,basketball and especially track and field and SC Olympians in addition to the football…

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  7. The next big disappointment besides Clay Helton retraining Clancy Pendergast…….Is most likely gonna be USC’s class this signing day. No big time Offensive Tackles and no big time Defensive Lineman so far and it looks like they will cover it up with more WR’s.

    Thanks Clay
    Thanks Lynn

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  8. Wolf was on PMS at 4:40 pm today discussing the retaining of Helton and Swann’s statements. He stated that Swann wants nothing to do with actually finding a replacement…plans to wait for the new president to be named and stretch it out until someone does the hard work that an athletic director is hired to do. Confirmed what many have stated – Helton will not hire strong assistants because he’s terrified, justifiably, he might get replaced by one. Regardless that was the one item Swann is adamant be done ASAP.

    Wolf also stated he was approached by more than one player who stated that hey went to Helton to have Sears replace Daniels ‘but’ that Helton told them that “…my hands are tied…” When PMS asked who tied Helton’s hands per Daniels, Wolf surmised it’s those who demanded such if Helton wanted to get Daniels to play at USC.

    bad as it is right now this seems to be heading towards what all hope it shall – within 12 mos. Helton gets sacked and Swann with him.

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