USC Picture Of The Day


It’s OK to be be happy to throw a touchdown pass. But it is really bad optics to look so happy when you are losing to Notre Dame and about to conclude a 5-7 season.

I would also be more forgiving if JT Daniels wasn’t eating sunflower seeds on the sideline when he was injured against Arizona State. He couldn’t be near the quarterback coach or offer support to Jack Sears?

It’s all a tone-deaf look, which means he fits right in with the Lynn Swann-Clay Helton regime.

9 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

  1. It was hilarious during the Notre Dame game when Helton and Daniels choreographed a skit where after Daniels went three and out, he walked behind the players bench, with his back to the fans, and Helton came over on the other side of the bench and acted as if he was coaching him. People in the stands did not buy the skit and began yelling profanities at Helton.


  2. Steve Mason on espn 710 AM went ballistic as well as John Ireland, the ucla fan. They both want Lynn Swann fired, wondering what has happened to the old SC culture, that USC football was, “The team in town”, and that Helton needs to go. Well, next year, you won’t have to wait in line for anything. I didn’t on saturday.


  3. I wonder when CH’s assistant coaches will realize that Swann meant them when he alluded to “personnel changes”, and begin to leave the coaching staff like rats leaving a sinking ship. On the other hand, they may sit tight, since there is probably very little demand for poor assistant coaches.


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