Quarterbacks Coach Bryan Ellis Expected To Join Western Kentucky

USC quarterbacks coach Bryan Ellis, who is 30 years old, is expected to become offensive coordinator at Western Kentucky, according to Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports.

Ellis would join Tyson Helton, who is supposed to be the new Western Kentucky coach.

Naturally, what is more important for USC is who becomes the new offensive coordinator. Clay Helton needs to hire a big-time offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator along with a competent special teams coach.

Maybe Tee Martin, who no longer calls plays, should become quarterbacks coach since he actually played the position in college. At least that might be better for the wide receivers.


14 thoughts on “Quarterbacks Coach Bryan Ellis Expected To Join Western Kentucky

  1. SC has a defensive coordinator that is considered by most to be quite capable…it is not his fault the heltonesque practices are in shorts and no rock’em sock’em allowed…no starters vs starters blocking/tackling allowed…I think helton hates real football.


  2. Wolf was on PMS at 4:40 pm today discussing the retaining of Helton and Swann’s statements. He stated that Swann wants nothing to do with actually finding a replacement…plans to wait for the new president to be named and stretch it out until someone does the hard work that an athletic director is hired to do. Confirmed what many have stated – Helton will not hire strong assistants because he’s terrified, justifiably, he might get replaced by one. Regardless that was the one item Swann is adamant be done ASAP.

    Wolf also stated he was approached by more than one player who stated that they went to Helton to have Sears replace Daniels ‘but’ that Helton told them that “…my hands are tied…” When PMS asked who tied Helton’s hands per Daniels, Wolf surmised it’s those who demanded such if Helton wanted to get Daniels to play at USC.

    bad as it is right now this seems to be heading towards what all hope it shall – within 12 mos. Helton gets sacked and Swann with him.


    1. I heard the same interview. My question to SCooter is, why didn’t he name the guy who tied Helton’s hands or do u have to read it on the 247 news rag? Who knows


      1. He mentioned it was more than ‘1’….the inference being (my assumption) Daniels meddling father and coaches or potential ‘advisers’. Not saying it is 100% accurate ‘but’ this kid is a real prima donna. Need to see if any change is made this coming Spring based on Daniels coughing up 5 full losses this year with him under center. Also be nice to see ‘wonder boy; get up under center instead o that shotgun spread he plays which is all he knows – those qb sneaks were a joke all year esp. against the bruins and irish..he hasn’t any idea what to do because he’s never faced a solid hard defense rush before.

        Wolf’s views are well known but I’d say he was darn near accurate in everything he said…..overall this is 100% Swann’s all of it – for giving this clown that 3 year extension after OH St. crushed us New Year’s Eve last year.


  3. Chances are Tee Martin is gone. As for the rest of the staff nothing would surprise me. But I’ll wager Clancy and Clay will be working together next year.


  4. We must wonder if Helton could’ve been retained if SC wasn’t in the unprecedented mess with the sexual assault allegations and the subsequent vacancy in the president’s office. My guess is we’d be looking ahead of the brighter future with a new incoming HC right about now were it not for the unfortunate incident and its aftermath at the school. They weren’t kidding when old people concocted a saying “One man’s misery is another man’s fortune”. And Helton’s blessing has come about because of our school’s misery, and vice versa. Now we’re all probably to suffer from the same old boring Gomer Football and its mediocrity as long he’s there. Are we going to be happy with 7 to 8 win seasons and the glorious Pac-12 South Champions but no CFPs or no shots at NCs? Not me, but raise your hand if you are.

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  5. JT Daniels was a bust this year. He’s Cody Kessler all over again, and dirty and unshaven at that. Guy looks like he lives in a trailer park in North Long Beach. This guy is not worth the problems he has created at SC. The Dad needs to take a hike, and take his kid with him. There is such a difference in how Darnold’s father interacted with USC and the mess created by Daniels’ father. Sounds like Marinovich all over again. Frankly, I’m sick of this overrated prima donna, with his tattoos and bad attitude hanging around the program. Let him go somewhere else – maybe Riverside City College. As for Helton, that dude couldn’t coach his way out of a paper sack. He was one of Kiffin’s babysitters and has shown us all that he is not sophisticated enough to be at USC.


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