USC Morning Buzz: Can Clay Helton Lure Kliff Kingsbury?

Former Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury reportedly met with Clay Helton on Monday about the offensive coordinator’s position.

Kingsbury is a hot name after getting fired Sunday (unlike Helton) and could draw interest from NFL teams.

That means he might need to be paid $2-3 million, which would really hurt Lynn Swann.

More importantly, Kingsbury would have to ignore whatever red flags he hears through the coaching grapevine about Helton’s running of the program. Helton is also a lame duck and Kingsbury will get interest from teams that have coaches who are not on the hot seat.

Kingsbury would also want to decide who starts at quarterback, which might bother Helton because he wants JT Daniels to be the quarterback. Kingsbury might also want to know who the defensive coordinator will be too.

In other words, there are a lot of questions. And if Kingsbury does his due diligence, even more questions. So we’ll have to see where this progresses.



17 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Can Clay Helton Lure Kliff Kingsbury?

  1. OK, let’s do the math. If Swann wants to hire 5 quality assistants under Clueless Helton, the damage will be pushing $10 million, am I right?

    What was the payout for the well-fed guy? 15? Hey, that 3-year contract extension Swann boneheadedly gave him will have had some expensive extra expenses accompanied for his rescue, won’t it?

    Should have paid Helton the payout and start anew, instead.

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    1. That clown Swann just ‘squared’ his job duties by not booting Helton esp. if Kingsbury decides to not join USC….someone – anyone was going to do all the heavy lifting right Lynn….now what?

      Swami X knows better (snicker) yeah he sure does…..

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      1. We thought Haden was a dunce hiring the wrong guys, but incredibly, Swann more than one-upped him by doing NOTHING!

        Well, at least he’s playing golf somewhere.


  2. Theres no stability under Clay Helton, so why would a top coordinator consider USC, unless they see an opportunity to take over the program after next season ? Cliff Kingsbury can probably get more money, and a better situation at an SEC school


  3. Hold the f*** up, get Clancy Pendergast out of here first.
    He has to go.

    DEFENSE builds and wins championships. Something we haven’t played with Pendergast as DC.
    It’s embarrassing that all this is actually happening.


    1. Do you think these morons could do better than Clancy- then I am in agreement. Look at Georgia- the right choice is not as difficult as people think- Kirby & Freshman Quarterback now look at USC with Moron Helton & JT – sorry must include TOA the one of the 4 greatest loves of his life. Do you want your head coach to talk like that- maybe if he busts out as a center in NFL he could hire Gloria Allred to sue Moron H for sexual harassment- Helton has been given more money than every idiot prior to deserve. Hire Clemson DC with written assurances that rapid implementation of new defense that wins will guarantee he being our new Head Coach. Greg Shiano (Ohio State).

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      1. It’s interesting to see what will happen. Bradford and BKU were both let go. Bradford was Clancy’s guy. Helton brought in BKU. At this point is Clay smart enough to realize that Clancy doesn’t prepare his defense consistently each week and doesnt develop depth any further than his starting 11 when he has 4/5 Star talent up and down the roster? He has to let Pendersgast go ASAP and move fast on finding replacement so they can hire a DL & DB coach.


  4. Fred is right. USC is a terrible option for good assistants and their families. As far as hiring CK, I expect more stable and substantially better Power 5 football teams are already courting him-e.g., LSU. Lower profile programs looking for a head coach will also have an interest.


  5. Or kingsbury could see this as a golden opportunity to implement the air raid with better talent than he has ever had. He could see this as an opportunity to turn around an offense in one year from terrible to productive. He could be thought of as THE guy to replace the current coach who is clearly not the guy.

    Also, JT Daniels was born and groomed to play in the air raid system. He would break every USC record in this system, to the dismay of the blogger who holds Darnold as “the love of his life.”


    1. It’s truly incredible that something I advised well over 18 months ago comes to fruition and now everyone is upset. I’m Bobby and I was vehemently screaming to fire Moron before the Ohio State debacle on the old Scott Wolf message board to the dismay and ridicule of numerous people. I’m so angry still that moron #2 ( ex-steeler) constantly states he won a Rose Bowl. That is the biggest joke of all & the initial reason why I first started to sour on Moron #1. Looked fantastic in first half disappeared in 2nd half if not for Leon McQuay & Sam Darnold ability we lose. Texas & Utah were miraculous due to Darnold- Ohio State was the biggest test & failed miserably. What kind of idiot that can’t recognize the difference between being lucky and being good the same Moron sorry ex-steeler gives 5 year extension to. You honestly think USC will recover like ND- I hope that Santa clause is on your speed dial next to the tooth fairy.

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  6. What is the long term plan for USC football? As of now, there is no plan at all. it is musical chairs trying to find bodies to fill the void. If Swann was smart, he would have had a plan for the team when he showed up. In that plan he would have contingencies. Instead, he hands over the store to Helton which he has nothing to show for. His win in the Rose Bowl was all Darnold, like wise the win in the Pac 12 showdown. Helton has losses against big time foes and he has only won against Stanford and Texas. Swann should have never given an extension. He should have waited this year to extend the contract. Swan could have extended it on Sunday, but for one year. Good luck SC, you will need it. I will see you in the rankings along with oregon sts. of the college football world.

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  7. If swannie wants to save face, he will do the hiring and restrict helton to a golf cart roaming around the field waving and smiling …the talent is there if it stays and real coaches show up before spring ball …some of current staff had to be suffocated and stifled by helton…too bad they didn’t have the fortitude to speak out about the practices like some of the players did…maybe they could lock helton in a gym locker during practices…he could watch film.

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  8. Lynn Swann has now become Helton’s bitch, just like Pat Haden became under Kiffin. Swann is no executive, and to have a guy with a “public relations” Bachelor’s degree running your (formerly) $100 million dollar football program is sheer insanity. Both Swann and interim President Wanda Austin need to have their asses kicked out of USC. I have never seen such a mess at a major university. Scandal everywhere, and you have to ask, where are the members of the Board of Trustees in all of this mess, especially people like Rick Caruso ?

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    1. @Proud Trojan.. They are down at Torrey Pines, duh! With there phones turned off, and sipping Macallan 25. It’s about 10:50 AM so they are probably at the end of the first 9 by now.


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