Clay Helton Starts Staff Purge

Defensive line coach Kenechi Udeze announced via twitter he would not return next season.

This is the first firing because quarterbacks coach Bryan Ellis is expected to become offensive coordinator at Western Kentucky.

Udeze did not have a great relationship with defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast. Udeze was unhappy during the 2016 season that he was assigned to the second row of the coaches’ booth and had little to do.

He eventually moved down to the sideline this season but the defensive line’s performance was unremarkable at best. Remember, Udeze coached the interior linemen, not the outide edge rushers because some of you will try to give him or another coach credit for Porter Gustin, who was pretty much a self-made player anyways.

Udeze’s lack of coaching experience was a sore spot for some coaches.

But let’s be clear: The departures of Udeze and Ellis won’t make a significant change. USC needs wholesale changes on its staff. We will see if it happens

Just a warning: It was no secret defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast did not value Kenechi Udeze. So this might mean Pendergast will return. Unbelievable if it happens.


8 thoughts on “Clay Helton Starts Staff Purge

  1. I have a feeling that if every coach is replaced, and Clay remains, it’ll still be “dark clouds” for Scottie. At this point, when everyone is raining hell down on the program, it’s time for Scottie to go positive! Contrariness has usually been his game. When we finished #3 in the nation, it’s “Fire Clay”… .when we win our first national title under Pete, it’s “Hail Caesar!” and all the negatives that followed with it. Too much monochromatic commentary starts to fall flat.


    1. Yep, it will always be ‘dark clouds’ for Scottie. Not sure how he got rights to ‘InsideUSC’, since this site is just ‘Inside Scott’s Head’.


  2. CH is the problem. It’s been no secret that his staff was deplorable for the last two years. Yet, he made no appreciable changes. In fact, he had to be told to demote Martin and fire Calloway, who were both very poor assistants based on their results. If a quality assistant coach slapped him in the face, he would not recognize them.


  3. BKU was not the issue – the scheme of Pendergast has been the issue…if he’s retained, the defense will remain spotty at best, terrible at worst…


  4. If Clancy stays, then all the “plan” will be nothing more than re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    I don’t think Swanny, who, like Haden, has led a pretty charmed life, has any idea of the vitriol that’s about to come his way. It shook Haden so much he literally became ill. I guess we will see what Swanny is made of.


    1. Great assessment. In contrast, Mike Garrett, whatever else may have been said of him, was a much different sort of personality – and whether people like to hear it or not, the only smart hiring decision made in the post-PC era was the hiring of Kiff (which was done in large part due to it bringing Coach O and his recruiting prowess/hard*** approach, along with Kiff’s perceived ties to PC, back into the fold, as Garrett was smart enough to foresee the critical need for that with the sanctions/NCAA witch hunt looming)


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