Tee Martin And Ronnie Bradford Fired; More Coming?

Clay Helton fired Tee Martin and Ronnie Bradford while there are also reports Clancy Pendergast has been fired too.

The confirmed firings mean three African-American coaches were fired today. That’s a great look so far for Clay Helton, who is continually tone deaf.


12 thoughts on “Tee Martin And Ronnie Bradford Fired; More Coming?

  1. Bradford was a terrible coach and a worse recruiter. Should have been let go last year, and he’s a HUGE reason why the USC DB group will be thin for at least another year, if not longer. Udeze was inexperienced, but Clay couldn’t find a DL coach because he didn’t really know any. Martin needed to move on, for him and USC, and he should catch on quickly as a WR coach and/or super-recruiter with any number of SEC or ACC schools.

    Not the “greatest” look, but even with so many African-American coaches, recruits were still bailing. It’s all about the results, and these African-American coaches were not producing.


  2. It’s not about race, it’s about production, and I hope Clay Helton doesn’t hire anybody based on color. For once, I’d like to see coaches hired because of the accomplishments on their resume, and not because they are family or friends, that’s what a Tight Ends coaching position is for … lol

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  3. The two leading culprits are still at large – one having already been pardoned by the AD…but that still leaves the DC who is as responsible for this mess as anyone on staff…still looks like a 3-9 debacle on the horizon (and that might still be on the sunny side)…


    1. So reports surfacing DC also canned…aside from the fact that this begs the question of why would one clean a house in this fashion but keep the housekeeper responsible for the dirt, it does now at least provide a sliver of hope, if we see legitimate coordinators hired (please, please hire Todd Haley as OC and HC in waiting!)…

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  4. Funny in business and the military when there is a need to do a mass restructuring of leadership, you first eliminate the “dumb sh#t” who hired and promoted them.

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    1. Couldn’t say it better…as they taught us in the Army Infantry Officer Basic Course: You can delegate authority, but you can’t delegate responsibility…


  5. Scooter, from what you wrote about three African americans begin fired, you should have announced that three men have been fired. “What a maroon”. Bugs Bunny.

    It does not matter the color or gender, what matters is the production from them. It was below par. Don’t you remember getting fired from the Daily News?


  6. SCooter, you forgot to mention that another African American was fired which makes it four and that is Terry Colbert, and then one old white man, Callaway. Keep up with the score.


  7. Scott,
    Sometimes you are a piece of work….

    “The confirmed firings mean three African-American coaches were fired today. That’s a great look so far for Clay Helton, who is continually tone deaf.”

    Clay is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. These coaches need to be let go, as did he. But he wasn’t. Why does race have to play into it?
    They did not do the job. Secondary was average. Clancy’s defense actually regressed. Sack totals were bad this year, though we lost Porter.

    This was necessary. Not because of or in lieu of the optics of losing african americans but because USC needs better. White or black.


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