Clancy Pendergast Fired? Purge Continues

Sources have confirmed defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast was fired. I’m also hearing tight ends coach Keary Colbert was fired.

Quite a day so far.

A USC spokesman said Pendergast has not been fired so we will have to see.


20 thoughts on “Clancy Pendergast Fired? Purge Continues

  1. So this leaves only the housekeeper responsible for the dirt left after the house-cleaning…seems like a strange way to run the Hotel (Southern) California, but at least gives a glimmer of hope (pending announcement of new hires – will be paying attention to see if these are coaches demanding physical play, or Duck Soup finesse types)…


  2. Clayless Clay is such a nice guy! Lets throw all my coaches under the bus and save myself! What a useless POS! Nice guy my ASS! some of these coaches weren’t the best, but it starts at the TOP! Not bottom! What a joke! We all know who should have been fired! If Urban Meyer was here with this coaching staff we would be at least 10-2!!

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    1. Yes sir – If Urban Meyer (or someone of that ilk befitting this program) was our coach, Saban would be begging to get out of the 2020 opener…HC at USC merely requires competence and character (work ethic/attitude/demanding everyone earn their way every day), not genius…the talent riches are on display every Sunday, even now, in the wake of what by the program’s standards are a down period…


  3. My god just can the creator of this disaster … who the hell is he going to get to save his umb ass. Kingsbury lol for what one year before he takes a HC gig somewhere. Then what ?
    If you are keeping Gomer just keep them all and make them go through another crappy year whil they get their loser asses booed.


  4. I’m smelling a co/ head coach on the horizon, because that’s the only way USC can attract top coordinators . Clay Helton can take a backseat, and become a figurehead to who ever the co/ head coach will be, because he’s use to that position, and it will probably save his job until the administration decides to stop pretending he’s a head coach


  5. Swann is doing something smart for once in his life. He is giving Helton enough rope to hang himself by letting him fire anyone, hire who he wants, and when the ship sinks next year, then Swann will be able to say that he gave Helton a chance and then fire Helton. In the mean time he is waiting for the new president to show up and get an idea on how they feel about football. If they love SC football, then Swann can ax Helton and Swann saves his job.


    1. The “new” President of USC will probably be too busy testifying in court for the next few years to give a hoot about the USC Titanic.


  6. So. get rid of all the Brothers first. helton had all season to “fix”things so it shouldn’t have gotten to this point. swann is a total POS, he’s the one that should be fired.


  7. If you think this is Clay’s doing I have ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.
    This 100% a requirement and the deal struck for Helton to stay. Swann is pulling these chains and HE is hiring the replacements. Guaranteed. it’s why we will see a likely very credible OC…someone like KK that Helton would NEVER of hired for fear of replacement.

    This isn’t all that much different when Carroll got slightly jealous of Chow getting ALL the offensive credit. It was well documented and head coaches around save Saban all have insecurities about being replaced or shown up. If one remembers, after that came out Carroll moved quickly to make sure people knew HE was the one that instructed CHOW to run more, that there was too much passing and imbalance. That right there was PR 101, interjecting himself into the credit. I believe that happened and I believe it was a good thing back then.

    Make no mistake, these new replacements are above Helton. it will be disguised and optically placed for Helton to get the credit….because, if they fail or when he fails, the whole thing can sit squarely in his lap instead of Swann’s.

    “Dominoes muth* ‘fuc**r”!! – Lynn Swann, 2018.


  8. Following the Pac-12 title game on Friday, USC athletic director Lynn Swann was asked about potential changes to Clay Helton’s staff and made it clear he didn’t feel that was the athletic director’s role.

    “I don’t hire assistant coaches. I think it’s wrong,” Swann said. “If I were to pick a head coach I would not tell the head coach he would have to have the person I want to have as offensive coordinator. He’s got to build his team. I have never seen that successful.”


  9. So how much was Pendergast’s buyout? He should have been fired at the same time as Helton – people defending him, for goodness sake, just go to and look at the numbers – he has been a disaster. And the band played on…


  10. Clancy was always several steps behind the opposing team’s OC. The problem with this year’s team was more D than O in my opinion. They were repeatedly in the wrong coverage and consistently gave up long, demoralizing TD plays and drives. He Stinks.


  11. Art,

    I disagree. The offense was inconsistent and they could not maintain drives. It seemed like always on 3rd and 3, SC could not get a first down. On offense, when SC needed power, they ran the chicken offense. Too many dropped passes, even in the late part of the season.

    Now with the defense, they could not stop the run. Look at ASU and ugly. The rb for asu and the loser for ugly ran roughshod over SC. In the old days, SC would have shut those guys down. Yes, Pendergast needs to leave, but since he isn’t, then he better learn how to shut down the run game and get sacks and turnovers.


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