Put A Tent On This Circus

Can someone explain how keeping Clancy Pendergast, John Baxter and Clay Helton is a recipe for success in 2019?

They are all coming back, apparently.

Meanwhile, USC can’t even fire coaches in a professional manner.

Kenechi Udeze announced he was fired on his own. Ronnie Bradford and Tee Martn were also fired.

I mentioned earler that there were reports Clancy Pendergast was fired. I called a source who said that they thought it was true too. USC then denied it.

Officially, it’s just Udeze, Bradford and Martin, who all happen to be African-American, which is a horrible look for Helton today.


28 thoughts on “Put A Tent On This Circus

  1. Hey Clay, my dear buddy, whatever happened to your undying dedication to the Trojan Family? How could you fire your family like that? Didn’t you proclaim Tee Martin to be “The Next Big Thing in College Football” when you first hired him? Is your talk really that cheap?

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      1. Yeah, the pains of cutting family ties have got to be unbearably excruciating! He better cut himself from the filthy job and leave that cutthroat world of competitive athletics. LOL!


  2. “Every day I go to bed and thank God for three things: My wife, my children, and Clancy Pendergast,”

    – Clay Helton

    OK, it’s looking like he’ll get to keep those three… For now.


  3. At this point, you just want to pull the covers over your head and wake up when it is over. Hard to see what is now going on with what once was one of the most iconic traditions in all of sports.

    I recall Udeze dealt with cancer at one time, and that once he came back to SC, he was a great recruiter. Best of luck to him, and others who lost their jobs.

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  4. Well, since USC is in the process of firing African Americans associated with its football program, isn’t only in keeping with that pattern that we say good-bye to Lynn Swann also ?


  5. Clay Helton is only going to fire coaches who really don’t have an impact on decision making, and that’s who he’s most comfortable rehiring. Helton won’t bring in a strong personality for the offensive coordinator position, because they’ll demand that he takes a seat in the back of the room .


  6. Flow, shut your piehole with this whole racial agenda BS. That’s just lame TMZ stuff. No one is looking at it like that except for you. The one and only, Flow. Plus, to be fair, Neil Callaway was the first to be fired, and he was definitely white.

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  7. Seriously, Scott? Now you’re calling Helton, racist? Helton sucks as a coach…he should have been fired, Clancy Pendergast should be fired…Lynn Swann should be fired……but, suggesting that Helton’s got an agenda with racist overtones? Why bring that crap up? Should he fire a proportionate or equal number of white asst. coaches just to even it out? Or maybe, you believe that black coaches shouldn’t be fired because they’re black? Cut this garbage out…we have to listen to enough of this every day in the real world…Disgusting. And, as 04 Trojan correctly pointed out, Uncle Neil is white…and he got fired first…too bad CNN doesn’t care about USC athletics; you could have been a cub reporter for them….

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  8. And one other thing, w
    ho, is going to commit to play for the Trojans with all of this going on–right now, they have 3 or 4 four star recruits and 10 three star recruits…10? 10? SC has become Western Kentucky…. and what assistant coaches are going to come here for one year, or three games or? I don’t care how averse Lynn Swann is to firing Helton, if SC starts the season with a loss or two or??? and 20 or 30 thousand fans show up at the Coliseum dressed as empty seats, Swann will have to make a move…Ok…I shouldn’t assume anything….Swann should have fired Helton Saturday night or Sunday….


  9. Helton not a racist. He is doing what is black boss told him to do to keep his job. Im sure all these guys knew they were on the chopping block because Helton told them to get ready after losing three in a row.

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  10. Wake me up when they can the Strength and Conditioning Coach. This team faded in the 4th quarter all year long because they were gassed. He would’ve been the first guy fired.

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  11. …and the band played on…keeping this Defensive Coordinator is the Titanic’s captain ordering increased speed towards the iceberg…


  12. It is a bad look. I don’t think SW is saying that Clay is a racist, but make no bones about it, this is a bad look. When Maya earlier reported that Clancy had gotten axed, it didn’t seem that bad. However, recruits like familiarity and unless you are a minority yourself, you won’t understand this. Just look at Johnny Nansen doing so well with Poly- recruits.


    1. It looks BAD! These men were also the Best Recruiters for usc. Put your head in the sand if you will, but it looks BAD! Good Luck with recruiting a class of all 3 Star guys.


    2. So, it’s not about reality, it’s about optics…It looks bad…Using that logic, Helton should fire only white coaches…or nobody at all…if Helton’s staying on—and he is—and changes in his staff need to be made—and even the most ardent Helton supporter agrees they do— then by deduction, and to look good, he has to fire Pendergast (which is ok by me). Baxter (ok by me) Ellis (apparently and hopefully he quit) Drevno (maybe not the best idea), etc…I can’t comment on whether or not other staffers should be fired, because either I don’t know who they are, or apparently, and more importantly, what color they are….SW wants to be provocative…I guess he’s the poor mans equivalent of CNNs resident whine ball, Jim Acosta… I’ve no problem with SWs critiques of USC athletics….injecting a racial component, where none exists?


      1. You can twist and label it however you want. You say it is about optics- when someone has similar life experiences as you do, you will connect. In the real world. recruits will look at a staff and may or may not identify with it in some way. It doesn’t help that everyone who was fired was African- American. Just. Stop. And. Listen. For. Once.



  13. Clown U, Clueless U, Criminal U, Racist U!

    How low can you go? I thought Balcony jumping Shaw, Carjack Dixon and Back Door Masina were bad! Racist Helton takes the cake!


  14. One play should have gotten Baxter fired: That was the worst executed attempt at an on-side kick on Saturday. You had a hands group trying to recover and they went in soft. Half of the guys should have been head- hunters looking to rip off the other team’s heads while the hands guys should have followed, trying to recover the kick. Terrible.


  15. SCooter, you never mentioned race when USC fired their first Asian coach? Sarkisian is from Asia Minor (Armenian). Why are you playing the race card now? That is below you.

    How do you know that they did not have an exit interview with Helton on Sunday or a private meeting on Monday morning before BKU made the announcement. It had to go down that way. BKU would not fire himself. If you leave on your own, that is called a resignation. All the coaches that were let go, were either informed by Swann or Helton before they made the announcement else how would they be able to announce that they were fired? “What a Maroon”. – Bugs Bunny


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