USC Morning Buzz: Questions Everywhere Around Football

Does USC even have enough coaches to host recruits on official visits this weekend?

Mater Dei wide receiver Bru McCoy, ranked one of the nation’s top 10 players by Rivals, postponed his visit until Dec. 14-16.

Right now McCoy doesn’t even know who his position coach would be next season.

It’s all kind of disjointed right now within the football program: Is Clay Helton finished firing people? How does he think firing three position coaches is enough? Who will Helton hire? Can he hire real coaches this time around?

There is some definite damage control Helton needs to do with recruiting. A prominent high school coach told me Tuesday night he was unhappy with the way Tee Martin was treated and he was advising recruits to look at other schools.

USC’s recruiting class is not great, ranked No. 32 by Rivals, and will need to close strong in the final couple months. No one has ever told me recruiting is the strength of Clancy Pendergast or John Baxter and they must do something until new hires arrive. Johnny Nansen can’t do everything.


16 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Questions Everywhere Around Football

  1. The very fact that Clueless Clay is doing this much this abruptly is a clear indication that he indeed didn’t know that much about being a head coach as strongly suspected by many since his hire.

    Obviously, he’s trying to reinvent himself through this comical surge of the assistants, and I’m personally skeptical of its outcome as long as he’s in charge of the program because he’s very much a known quality now, which means the whole world knows what he can do and what he can’t.

    Of course, we can’t exactly project what type of season 2019 will bring, but I’d be almost shocked if the team gets instantly transformed into a national elite next year. The depth of the team’s issues was clearly too great to be remedied by some new faces and quick fixes.

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    1. Don’t agree. With Tim Drevno the offensive line improved they played better against stout defenses from Cal and Notre Dame with Chuma and Toa gone it should get better. Better offensive coordinator and position coaches who will hold the players accountable. Swann is behind these changes. You will see practice tempos change too.


      1. Your point is valid only if Helton will actually be a figurehead and Swann and other coaches will dictate the program. I stated what I did on the assumption that Helton will play the role of the actual HC and will be in charge of the program.


      2. But then my question is why in the world would you pay a figurehead almost $4 million a year? Does SC have money to burn? And who will play the role of the real head coach? Swann? Really?


  2. The minor coaching changes don’t mean a thing, because unless different coordinators are hired, Clay Helton’s philosophy is still in place.


    1. Fred-spot on…the changes made thus far have, on balance, been counter productive (if no further changes are made)…it all starts and ends with Helton (although the people who hired him and retained him are the villains in this) – as long as he’s there, either what he’s already demonstrated remains in place, or he’s a figure head, but that means the greater likelihood is increased dysfunction with autonomous coordinators usurping power (look at what happened with the Cleveland Browns this year), or at best, better results, but then begging the question of why is $ being wasted on CH?…speaking of coordinators…the defensive coordinator has been atrocious for years (architect of every negative record in program history, and the flaws are so evident that you don’t need to know that much about football to see them) and he’s still there…they can do whatever they want with the offense (and the rumors are not promising – what some refer to as “Duck Soup” as in doubling down on finesse/gimmickry a la Quack Attack), and the program will still be no better than when it lost to Oregon 62-51 in 2012…or got boatraced by Bama, despite having talent like Sam, JuJu, RoJo, and Adoree…


  3. We’ve been getting pushed around by teams with “lesser” recruits for years. It sucks that we won’t be getting the highly ranked class we’d like to see. But does it even matter when this lame-duck staff isn’t going to develop them?


  4. SCooter, four coaches have been fired so far. Don’t forget Calloway.

    So you have Nassen, Drevino, Helton, Pendergast, and Baxter to recruit. I count five coaches that can recruit. Get them off their lazy as$ and start recruiting. Also, hire very good competent assistant coaches. That is why Helton is making over $3 mil a year.


  5. A high school coach wasn’t happy with Tee Martin’s firing? Has he seen USC’s offense this year? If so, maybe he shouldn’t be a “prominent” high school coach. Then again, Scottie’s impression of who is “prominent” is likely as suspect as the statement itself.


  6. Here again, I agree with Fred. These are last-gasp efforts designed to give the impression that transformative changes are taking place. It’s really just window dressing. What quality, self-respecting assistant would work for a lame duck (hopefully) coach in a dysfunctional football program. I will be skeptical of any coach willing to work with CH.


  7. SC4Life,

    It depends on the situation on who is hired as an assistant coach. if an assistant is hired as a safe guard in case Helton gets fired next year in the middle of the season, then yes, there is change. If that is not the case, then the assistants have to be top notch for change. if Sc gets the same quality coach that were released, then there is no change.


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