November Is Month To Remember

Clay Helton in September: “I can’t wait for people see where we’re at in November.”

Let’s see: Three coaches fired Tuesday. A 5-7 record. No bowl game. Fan interest low or non-existent. Losses to UCLA and Notre Dame.

Faith, Family and Fired Assistant Coaches.


9 thoughts on “November Is Month To Remember

  1. Glad Mr. Scott took my cue to remind everyone about Clay’s foolish “On Thursday We Leave For Home” (or “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” if you prefer) November statement…it’s nearly impossible not to feel this way about anything said by anyone connected to the program at this point…we are now living in an alternative universe where The Wolfman makes sense and Saturdays in the fall are for lawn care…

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  2. Scott, you’re as bad as Helton and Swann. I can’t believe I’ve wasted the past month reading your posts. Officially done. To my Trojan family, Fight On!


  3. Faith,Family,Failure, Fornication(of streaks and record) Forgiveness (by the AD) Firing (in some cases the wrong) coaches.
    The Fs just keep going and fumble could be the next. But not just fumble the ball, fumbling personnel decision making.

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  4. “We were in every game and were so close to a fabulous bowl and the super-competitive, highly coveted PAC 12 South Division Championship. I won’t get canned, not with this administration, but I will fire anyone and everyone who makes me look bad and not smart. i’m a winner. Clancy, John, and JT are untouchable. Period.”

    -Clay H.


  5. Just musing about the mess of USC Football . . .

    I can think of five-six So Cal High School Football coaches . . .
    that are BETTER COACHES than Helton!
    (and they don’t make $350k a game – maybe they do in a lifetime!)

    Why would ANY quality coach join Helton’s staff . . .
    knowing he’s a “lame duck” coach?

    Why would any 4-5 Star recruit go to USC . . .
    when they aren’t “coached-up” while playing there?
    (ask Stanford’s Shaw – he’s telling recruits this!!!)

    Lynn Swann should do the HONORABLE thing . . .
    (and FIRE Helton before submitting his resignation letter!!!)

    P.S. I’ve spent tens of thousands over the past 25+ years . . .
    on season tickets – parking – clothing and. . .
    I’m not coming back!
    (think about it . . . a major university cannot manage parking . . .
    cannot put a marketable product on the field . . . and are now
    screwing long term season ticket holders with “crapy” seat

    P.S.S. Always remember, Helton is a “Nice Guy” . . . NO ONE EVER
    says “AND A GREAT FOOTBALL COACH!” . . . this used to be
    called the “Peter Principle” . . . now it’s a result of Lynn Swann!


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