A Possible Staff Addition With USC Ties

Don’t be fooled by the fact Mike Sanford Jr. was the Western Kentucky clone with Clay Helton ties.

He actually has strong USC ties. His parents went to USC and his father, Mike, is a former USC coach and player.

Sanford Jr. also coached at Notre Dame, Stanford and Boise State. So he actually has a better backgroud than Helton. He played quarterback at Los Alamitos and grew up in Southern California so there is nothing odd about making him the quartebacks coach and he might add a little common sense because he has actually done something.

19 thoughts on “A Possible Staff Addition With USC Ties

    1. The Western Kentucky background alone should be a disqualifier. Besides, let the new OC pick the QB coach. But that would be too sensible for USC’s current regime.

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    2. Yeah this doesn’t look like the way you are supposed to rebuild by forcing others to work together.
      I dont get how they fire the DL and DB coaches yet Clancy Pendergast gets another crack at trying to improve the 59th best Defense in the country? Oh and was 49th in yards allowed per play?

      This is just the beginning of more self inflicted wounds.

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  1. Fred is right again. Also Sanford Jr was fired at Notre Dame by Kelly as part of their house cleaning 2 years ago. So how good can he be?!?! Oh and he has the Western Kentucky background too!!!

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  2. Let’s be candid here. It would be so easy to exceed the resume of Helton for any decent assistants, save for his head coaching credential that was presented to him extremely fortuitously when Wino Stark made a total fool out of himself and got axed.

    Which leads to the real issue here. Will the top-tier assistants swallow their pride and work under Helton? I think the only incentive of doing it would be a great financial gain and probably a shot at the HC position if it becomes vacant later.

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  3. Man I thought that was a photo of John Edwards (Kerry’s running mate in 2004). I ‘guess’ he’s a good pick but hey if things go south, he can always segue to a career as Dallas Raines backup at KNBC right?


  4. Mr. Helton’s coaching resume doesn’t include a history of attracting stellar subordinates. So this is what you get. ‘We won some baddles and we lost some baddles.’ Better get used to it. As long as Helton thinks he can call the O, no decent OC will grace the great Hercula. JT Daniels just threw away his first two years.
    USC, 2019 on talent: 9-3
    USC, 2019 as coached and playing as a team: 5-7


  5. He’s an average coach with a horrible history on the staff’s he’s been on. He’s known to be a staff cancer, and his wife is a problem as well. She’s been a big problem to the culture of the staff at 3 of his coaching stops. He’s also known as a whiner & complainer on many of the staff’s he’s been on. His father was an assistant at USC as well as several other stops, and a head coach on two occasions. Failed miserably both times as a head coach. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

    If you look closely enough at his resume, he’s never survived more than a year or two at any of his jobs. That’s a huge warning sign in coaching circles as it shows he doesn’t have the ability to establish himself with a staff. He has taken bigger jobs with each of his moves, but ask around and you’ll find out that he’s been lucky to get some of the jobs he did, because of his dad, and has not been able to stick anywhere. This hire would definitely worsen the culture of the staff.

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  6. You might have thought with Mr Baddles gone before the end of the season, OC candidates would have been lined up and making inquiries.

    Then you hire your OC. Then the OC assembles his asst’s.
    Not the other way around. This may indeed work out very well for the rest of the PAC. May you have a blessed Christmas Mr. Helton. Keep up the good work.

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