Kliff Kingsbury On Campus

I can confirm Kliff Kingsbury is at the McKay Center today. Some people think he is being hired. So stay tuned.

25 thoughts on “Kliff Kingsbury On Campus

  1. What’s the BFD about K. Kingsbury.

    In K.K’s six years as the Tixas Tech HFBC, he went 35 – 39 and suffered a third straight losing season when cashiered.

    It would appear the only thing K.K. does well is lose FB games.


    1. I guess it’s good that he’s going to be the offensive coordinator and not head coach. His defense was always the problem, not his offense. If you think he’ll be bad then why do you seem so upset?

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      1. I’m upset because I can’t wait to see Daniels waddling around, stumbling over his shadow, in an offense designed for fast, agile, mobile QBs – It’s SUCC’s funeral Lose On. SUCC on.

        UCLA 34 -SUCCXsters 27.


    2. It must be a sensational hire when Jackov goes absolutely berserk about it. LOL!

      Wow! What a terrible day to be a sucla guttie!!!


      1. Gee, didn’t little Petey Pom-Pom stink of defeat when employed by bozo u. K.K. posted a 6-year Tixas Tech record of 35 – 39. K.K. should fit right with the 5 – 7 bozos. SUCC on.


      2. You mean coach with 27-21 record and two playoff appearances in three years who was fired because of personality conflicts? Let’s not let facts escape you (since taste is clearly beyond your BRtal/rUINed capabilities)…


      1. Remind me LB, who was responsible for the overall TT defense and whose job it was to hire a competent D Coordinator. Let me think…..oh yeah, 2 k himself.


    3. JO, the real question is whether or not Kingsbury gets to open up the QB position up for competition. I doubt he’d come on board if Helton gets to decide the starting QB.


  2. Swann: Thanks for coming in.

    Kliff: Sure. What role are you looking for?

    Swann: Someone to make Helton look good…I mean look like a real head coach. Someone who can make it look like Clay actually knows what he is doing. Does that make sense?

    Kliff: Well, I can understand why you are requesting this, but the goal of this role is not attainable. I mean, Lynn, you realize Clay is clueless, right?

    Swann: Yes, but what can I do?

    Kliff: Fire him.

    Swann: But, I just gave him a long contract extension with a large buyout clause.

    Kliff: Why in the world would you do that? It’s not like anyone above the pop warner level would have any interest in hiring Clay.

    Swann: I don’t know. But I am stuck with him right now. Will you take the job?

    Kliff: No, I am not a fool. Have a nice day.


      1. Helton: What?!! If that’s the case, why the heck would I even be here for the next two years, you dimwit? I’m outta here, so gimme the money now so I can play golf every day just like you!!


  3. I can picture Clay Helton sitting in the corner of Lynn Swann’s office, with his dunce cap on, while Swann interviews Kliff Kingsbury for a co/ head coaching position… lol 😂

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    1. Or, he could be staging a major rebellion throwing things around yelling he won’t be ignored because he’s still the HC, regardless of being a figurehead or a bobblehead. lol.

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  4. I can’t wait to see all the 1 minute long 3 & outs next year. Our 2 star UC Davis running back will hang 400 yards on that pitiful d.

    Who woulda thought the bruins would be the smash mouth football team in LA? Out physical’d clown college u

    Southern cal will be bullied into submission… again.

    Wear it bitch



  5. All SC has to do is get helton gagged and caged, and let the asst coaches coach…helton is the queen of no pads, no contact either blocking or tackling ’cause he loves men in shorts for football practice…

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