If It’s Friday It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Did Kliff Kingsbury get officially hired yet?

It might happen. It might not. But Kingsbury would be foolish not to listen to some NFL offers first.

The amount of frenzy concerning his apperance at the McKay Center on Thursday just shows you how low USC has sunk this season. Fans are desperate for any kind of positive development or something that takes authority out of the hands of Clay Helton.

I’m disturbed how so many reports about Kingsbury taking the USC job mention he will inherit JT Daniels at quarterback. What about Jack Sears? What about an open competition at quarterback?

  • Again, who will instill discipline and leadership next season? It won’t be Helton.
  • Maybe after Kingsbury met with Helton, he thought, “I can’t believe this guy is still a head coach and I’m not.”
  • I’m still extremely skeptical of the forthcoming defensive hires because Clancy Pendergast loves to hire yes men.
  • Someone told me this week that Lynn Swann decided three weeks ago he would keep Helton no matter what happened the rest of the season. I’ve from a reliable source the Notre Dame result was irrelevant so I don’t put anything past Swann.
  • Did you know Swann takes his golf clubs on USC football trips?
  • Don’t be surprised if some players transfer now that the season is over.
  • Everyone should read John Canzano’s four-part series on the Pac-12 this week in the Oregonian.

Here is a great quote from a former Pac-12 athletic director on how money is not everything within the conference:

“There are lot of well-funded disasters. Think USC.”

  • Will anyone at USC ever examine if the athletic dept. has been well run the past 20 years? Nope.
  • Have you kept an eye on USC’s coaching staff making home visits this week? I’ve seen at least three staffers on home visits who are not even coaches. It probably doesn’t matter because this recruiting class looks so underwhelming.

Now I know why Pendergast doesn’t recruit. He can’t even find a shirt that fits right.

21 thoughts on “If It’s Friday It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Fashionista Flow in the house! The zinger on Pendergast’s shirt coming from the guy who ONLY wears soccer jerseys when he leaves his mother’s basement.

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  2. southern cal is a well funded disaster LOL! But the funny thing is, sc is broke!!! Can’t even afford a buyout. Short arms and deep pockets. Cheapo clown college u tech.

    and fwiw, KK isn’t dumb enough to hitch his wagon to the clay train.

    How embarrassing, it’s almost like KK is just trolling you fools.

    In all honesty, if he does get hired at clown college tech, the chipster will really embarrass the clay maker next season. Can you imagine how tired your d will be after all the quick 3 & outs? Chip will break his running record against clown college.

    34-27 and have a nice weekend!


    1. You realize as a bRuin, nobody cares. It’s not a rivalry, hammers and nails don’t have a rivalry. The hammer does what it does, the nail eventually goes in. UCLA football is and always will be 2nd rate. If you are going to jump on a message board where you will be taken seriously you might want to try programs that are your equal, like Rutgers, or Kansas, or UTEP.

      Great 3-9 season!

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      1. Dear Mr. Bumble:

        It’s true UCLA had an ugly 3 – 9 FB season, but unlike SUCCX, we make no excuses for our record, nor were the Bruins expected to make the playoffs.

        SUCCx, on the other hand, is steeped in Sunshine Pumped elite FB pretensions, an antediluvian FB history characterized by zero FB competition, and the well-earned University moniker ” CLOWN U.”

        The 2018 SUCCX FB team had high hopes for a shot at a playoff berth – LOL. Instead, SUCCX went 5 – 7, and the bozo Rah-Rah’s spent the season pointing fingers at the perceived, culpable FB staff and making their usual whiny excuses for SUCCX cartoon FB defeats.

        As a result, SUCCX has fired 5 or 6 Asst. FBC’s and wants to employ the recently fired K.K., after this third straight losing season, to improve the bozo offense. As Bucket used to say……”Chortle.”

        SUCCX went 0 – 3 vs California Pac-12 teams and those 3 – 9 Bruins you ridicule Mr. Bumble, kicked the crap out SUCCX 34 – 27…….Cheers Mr. Bumble’s and enjoy the SUCCX ride to rock bottom in the Pac-12 West. – SUCCX, the most talented FB team living in a cellar.


    2. Haaaaaa!

      Here’s the funny thing……

      Ucla couldn’t even win the South when USC is choking.

      Make these appearances over here count because LA Trade Tech oops I mean Ucla aren’t walking away so easy next time.

      When you play in Pasadena in January sometime next century I’ll be impressed. Til then have at it!

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      1. Whoa, Sammy, I know the truth hurts but what’s the point of your rant.

        UCLA makes no excuses for its 2018 3 – 9 FB record. But at least UCLA can say we scored TD’s vs Stanford’s Def. Sammy, don’t you wish SUCCX could say that.


      2. UCLA football’s nickname is excuse.
        Ok. You scored a TD on Stanford. At least it wasn’t a score like uhhh…….I don’t know 50-0. 😀


  3. I love how those other Pac-12 schools dogging SC as a “well-funded disaster” couldn’t beat SC just 11 months ago in the Pac-12 title game. Woof! Or, maybe, win a National Championship since the last pair that USC pocketed. Even when SC was under sanctions – the couldn’d even get ONE? That’s embarrassing for the conference. I guess SC will just have to get good again and pocket another Nattie or two to make the rest of those clowns look good. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


  4. Wow, who is this Scott Wolf guy? Big time hater of SC. With excitement buzzing around Kliff, my search unfortunately took me to this InsideUSC.


      1. I read a few of his other posts and I 100% agree. Maybe someday a true USC Insider can take over posting valid information.


  5. Owns,
    Seriously, UCLA is a pathetic football program. Hang your hat on a 7 point win over the worst USC team in a long long time. You won, good on you.

    You’re still 3-9 and never win anything, ever. You have to win something before being taken seriously. I shoot hoops with my kid in the driveway, I’m pretty sure LeBron doesn’t care if I call him out.

    bRuin football is nothing, nobody cares.

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      1. So what is that one thing you’re good for? Evidently not at trying to own anyone here (although maybe it’s being owned, and that’s where your moniker come from?)…UCLA has’t won a game of significance, other than costing us a spot in the 2006 championship game (that would be the game that is played at the end of the season to determine the best team in the country – at least in theory, admittedly – but what would you know about that?), since what? Dick Vermeil was the coach and bRuined another Woody Hayes Buckeye team that came up short in Pasadena (that would be the city you play games in – prior to January)…


  6. SCooter, who cares if Swann took his clubs on the away trips. He might have been schmoozing some alumni and boosters for more money. That is his job. Yur job, if you accept it is to write and go and deliver pizza. Opps, sorry man, the pizza delivery is for the ugly ruins.


    1. ContinuouslyOwned/RentedMule-So you can’t read after all…actually Confucious say “bRUINed troll smell something bad but doesn’t understand it is because head is up own @$$…”


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