USC Morning Buzz: It’s Not Easy To Be This Bad

A USC source tells me a decision come today regarding Kliff Kingsbury. Let’s hope so.

Meanwhile, is Lynn Swann the worst athletic director in the country?

It is a legitimate question. Just consider some of the moves Swann’s made:

1.) Ignored all warning signs last season and rewarded Clay Helton with a five-year contract with three-year contracts for Tee Martin and Clancy Pendergast.

Where was Helton going to go if he did not get that offer? He would have taken a 1-year extension. No athletic director who knew what they were doing would give Helton a five-year deal. An athletic director who never was an athletic director would do it.

2.) Failed to terminate Helton

Look going 5-7 is rough. But the reasons behind it as Swann said in his own statement — culture, discipline, personnel, staff, schemes — are all on Helton. Who does he think was responsible?

3.) Treated fans with disdain

Swann lectured the fans in a video about moving their seats last year. He lectured the fans again last week with his “Let me be clear . . .  Clay Helton is our head coach and he will continue to be our head coach.”

Before that, he gave a radio interview after the Arizona State loss where he said, “I think this program is in good shape.”

He is also well known for not signing autographs. A real sign of a knucklehead.

4.) Too much executive time

Swann takes 1-2 weeks off every April to go to the Masters. He is a member of Augusta National Golf Club. Two years ago, there was a report USC couldn’t even hire a women’s basketball coach because he wasn’t around to interview candidates. He takes his golf clubs on football road trips.

Golf is king in his world.

33 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: It’s Not Easy To Be This Bad

  1. I have to agree with Wolf.

    I thought Swann would have been a lot sharper in his decision making. You would think he was hip to the facts that Helton succeeded from the rise of Sam, Adoree and Juju and a contract extension that favorable for Helton should have not been extended.

    Nothing makes sense at USC. Other schools across the country at least get what they can but not us. Who else would allow the DC total control defensive position coach hires when they just terminated the DB Coach who was brought in by Pendergast?

    Only at USC.


    1. Yes – contract USC retaining The Architect (Of The Worst Defensive Days In Program History) with Oklahoma terminating a previously successful defensive coordinator (and younger brother of Bob Stoops) in mid-season…


    2. Damn Sammy, I had no idea you had such laser hindsight credentials. I don’t recall you whining out loud that Swann shouldn’t issue Helton a contract extension after the SUCCX luck out Penn St victory. I’m guessing you were also still celebrating the SUCCX 50 – 0 victory.


      1. Owns i hope you are remembering to put your seat belt on or tie your shoes because i in fact was fully against that extension. Your memory is fuzzy on this one.


  2. Swann’s failure to terminate Helton after the absolutely shameful season both in its content and stats will NEVER be forgiven by Trojan alums and fans. It shouldn’t be, either, considering what kind of negative impact it would have on the future of the program.

    What’s more, it has already set a terrible precedence on what could be tolerated by the school on its future coaches. I mean how much worse do they need to do before getting fired? Go 3 and 9, like sucla just did?

    Obviously, all of us had inordinately high expectations on Swann, who’s turning out to be an utter joke as an AD. In fact, he may be even worse as an AD than Helton as a coach, if that was possible.

    While they’re looking for quick fixes on the team to make them transform dramatically next season, the current state of SC football looks far from promising. I wonder what other athletic programs went through this much comedy and succeeded overnight in flying colors.

    Truth be told, this is an unprecedented situation that has all the insiders and experts puzzled and even shocked.

    Both Swann and Helton should resign and disappear. I would be much more uplifted to see Kliff Kingsbury as the new HC than having to see them around next year.

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      1. Yeah, I know that but again why not Daryl instead of this weak entitlement golf playing back end of a horse Swann in charge? Gross signed Majerus until ‘Rick’ talked to himself out of the job…It was his knowing Carroll’s availability and pressuring garret that got PC as the head football coach….Swann’s never worked a real job requiring hard decision making in his life as evidence in giving Helton that 5 year extension.


  3. A decision today?
    I would think he would want to hear a few more offers…unless somebody ,not a liar like helton, gave him the keys to the program…


  4. You forgot that Swann hasn’t introduced and implemented one initiative since arriving to enhanced any athletic programs or department infrastructure. No fundraising campaigns, no community programs, no nothing. Haden got Coliseum ownership rights and implemented the renovation, and Garrett added many department upgrades and finally got the Galen Center built. Swann’s been a lazy, opportunistic gold digger. He’s as clueless as Clay. They are a perfect storm of stupidity and incompetence.


  5. I would love to see KK become the new OC. But I simply can’t see someone with so much talented and so many options getting involved with the can of worms that USC Football is.


  6. All of the reports that I’ve read, Kliff Kingsbury has much better offers then USC, and if he goes elsewhere, then who does Clay Helton turn to ? And if Lynn Swann doesn’t like signing autographs, then he probably doesn’t have much to worry about anymore, because most think he’s buffoon idiot, now . And if the Trojans fail on the field again next season, then Swann will have cost the University over $10 million dollars, because they will definitely have to fire Helton.


    1. All of you who’ve just realized how clueless Swann is must’ve missed his campaign for office in PA. I worked in Pittsburgh at the time and witnessed his cluelessness on a daily basis for weeks on end.


      1. Oddly enough, he wears that failed campaign on his shirt sleeve as though it was a badge of accomplishment and honor. FYI, I knew the moment Swann was hired we were headed into a sh_t storm.


      2. Swan is an idiot. By USC standards (where a 3 loss season is a failure), Helton is a disaster. Helton can’t win against good coaches. His teams get blown out. Even his fabled 11-3 team was less than great by traditional standards. and he looses to ND with regularity… It’s not as if Helton has a great pedigree…. He was Kiffin’s QB coach and couldn’t see that Sam should play…, Getting rid of Helton should have been an easy decision…and giving him a 5year contract for the mediocre 11-3 season (with the Alabama blowout) was ridiculous. It does make getting rid of Swan an EASY decision.


  7. In the military they say, “If your people are engaged in competition and you cannot lead them, then you step back and let someone else lead.”

    Most would agree that this is proper guidance for Swann and Helton (Dumb and Dumber)


  8. Don’t know if you’ve read these articles from the Oregonian (, but it seems that Lynn Swann fits right in with the way the Pac-12 as a whole is operated. Ignore everyone except the person who writes your checks.
    If these articles are any indication, USC is going to be down for a long time. There just isn’t enough money going to the schools. Too much of it ends up either directly in or adjacent to the hands of Larry Scott.


  9. One reason KK might take the job: if (when) Helton terminates (next season after, say, an 0-3 start), KK is a ready successor with HC experience on staff…


  10. Best case scenario: Hire Kingsbury and some other excellent coaches now, and hire a new university president by next summer who won’t tolerate the nonsense of what is going on in the Athletic Department.


  11. Yeah, we know that Swann isn’t a good A.D. and that the university needs a president. Does your whining about these things daily help? Not a lick. We need you to get more creative in your criticism. You’re getting a little boorish for my liking, Scottie. But I’ll keep checking in with you!


  12. Just rent,

    Just like u screaming for Johnny Cheetin wooden to to (sic) be fired. What a Maroon- Bugs Bunny.

    *****PT, SUCCX half-baked, witless, Rah-Rah Emeritus proves w/o any help, the average donut hole is better educated than he is.


  13. Watching Georgia v Alabama. Its nice to watch a college game where the teams are well coached and know what they are doing. Unlike USC games under Helton.


  14. There is no reason USC should not be in the playoffs every year, or at the very least one close loss and a big argument away, like Alabama.

    USC has the history and tradition in national championships and helmsman trophies to match or exceed any blue collar program.

    USC is located in an area where, simply due to demographics and giant population they can recruit a top team every year (in so cal there are so many players that other schools recruit our local 2 and 3 stars that we never look at and win 8-10 games a year).

    USC is located in the most perfect climate in America. And that’s not subjective, there are lots of studies that show area codes starting in 90*** have the most temperate and comfratable climates in the WORLD.

    USC has the most attractive and well connected student bodies of any school in the country – as an average student I became friends with the daughter of the governator, went to an alpha phi invite with mark hammils daughter, and got kicked out of the coliseum with Steve ballmers son. Collectively my USC contacts are worth over 100 billion, and I’m not even that cool.

    It’s a disgrace that USC settles for these joke coaches and athletic directors.

    What’s the best case scenario if Kingsbury is hired? 1 season with a good/possibly great offense and another terrible Pendergast defense? That’ll be a 9-3 season, and Kingsbury will take a head coaching or OC job somewhere else in 2020, leaving us again with an underachieving helton team 2 seasons from now.



  15. Owns i hope you are remembering to put your seat belt on or tie your shoes because i in fact was fully against that extension. Your memory is fuzzy on this one.

    *****You’re are correct Sammy, I do not remember you opposing Swann rewarding Helton with a contract extension after the bozo luck out RB victory.

    I do remember you and other SUCCsters going ape-shit over the Piglet’s performance and Helton’s CFB coaching abilities. I’m sorry Sammy I just don’t remember you admonishing Swann regarding Helton Contract extension. Hell, I don’t even remember Commie Lush whining about Swann’s largesse.

    However, Sammy, I’ll give you the benefit of my doubt provided you allow UCLA baseball to recruit your son.


  16. The whole Athletic Dept. is atrocious. Given up almost on Men sports
    looking at Football ( Helton enough said ), Basketball ( Enfield only wins
    against the sisters of the poor ), Baseball ( Hubbs has done absolutely nothing ), Track & Field ( Gilbert should stick to the women side – wasted Michael Norman & Rai Benjamin in ncaa meet ), Volleyball is awful with former ‘ruin player coaching, Swimming ( nowhere since Daland retired ),
    Tennis ( Smith only concerned with two sons on team, no top player since
    Steve Johnson’s 4 yrs. ), Water Polo really only a Westcoast sport. Trying to emulate the Duke’s and Rice’s for academics.


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