Former USC Safety Mark Carrier Is Coaching Candidate

Mark Carrier, the former Thorpe Award winner at USC, has emerged as a candidate for the defensive backs position.

The question is whether defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast would hire him. Pendergast wants yes men and I don’t know enough about Carrier to know if he will fit that profile.

10 thoughts on “Former USC Safety Mark Carrier Is Coaching Candidate

  1. You would think that Pendergrast would above all want assistants who will make him look good. “Yes Men” are not of much use if they get you fired.


  2. SUCCX axes 5 – 6 Asst. FBC’s w/o having replacements. So after the smoke and bodies are cleared, SUCCX discovers no Asst. FBC with an IQ over 50 wants any part of CLOWN U and it’s Keystone Kops FB program.

    In the old days, SUCCX used to boast that bozo u recruits itself.

    Now days though, bozo u FB can boast it’s guaranteed to deliberately shoot itself in both feet on a semi-regular basis. CLOWN U TRIPS, STUMBLES & FALLS DOWN ON.


    1. And Pendergast is too incompetent to hire a person with any real knowledge to combat his and that’s what will get him tossed out with Clay this next year.


  3. From 247 sports

    “Three-star San Angelo (Texas) 2019 QB Maverick McIvor de-committed from Texas Tech on Wednesday, opening up another QB option for USC. The Trojans offered McIvor back in August and got him on campus for an unofficial visit.

    The timing is interesting considering reported that USC and former Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury agreed in principle to become the new offensive coordinator yesterday. McIvor wrote in a brief statement on Twitter that he was decommitting due to the uncertainty of his scholarship with the new incoming coaching staff after Kingsbury was fired on Nov. 25. Kingsbury has a reputation as a QB guru, having worked with several big-name QBs, including Heisman winner Johnny Manziel his freshman season and current NFL sensation Patrick Mahomes, a former three-star prospect.”


    1. After six years as a HFBC, how long can K.K. reasonably be expected to hang his hat @ SUCCX deadend. In my opinion K.K.’s future, fits best in the NFL. There are more $$$$$ and opportunity available for the ambitious FB coach.


  4. Hmmm….it’s weird that coaches aren’t flooding the McKay center to work with Swann and Gomer.

    Swann: Gomer, how’s the search for coaches going?

    Gomer: Not well. Nobody will return my calls, so I started faking my name to get them to pick up, but when they discover it’s me they start laughing, then hang up.

    Swann: Have you reached out to your esteemed family of football savants?

    Gomer: Absolutely, but they don’t even want to work with me. But I think I am strong enough to handle the job without assistants.

    Swann: No doubt, you have proven it! I have to go…I have a twilight tee time.

    Gomer: can I join the golf game?

    Swann: Pound sand!

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