USC Morning Buzz: Sunday Notes

What about Kliff Kingsbury? That is all everyone seems to be asking.

Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager tweets that the Rams spoke to Kingsbury about joining his staff for the stretch run of the season. It sounds like Kingsbury might have a lot of things to mull right now.

And here is a basketball stat for the day: With USC’s loss to No. 5-ranked Nevada on Saturday, Andy Enfield is 3-19 against ranked teams. He is the Clay Helton of basketball.

Kansas State coach Bill Snyder is retiring according to reports. Did you know he was a USC graduate assistant in 1966?


15 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Sunday Notes

  1. Hardly…. when SC missed the tourney last year, there was universal condemnation of the selection committee. When Clay missed the bowls this year, nobody said a peep. Love your hyperbole, but this one was a saaawing! and miss….

    BTW: The storyline in Seattle: why are the Huskies wasting Chris Peterson? Such a great coach, such good talent, and he can’t win a single playoff game much less win a national title when both USC and UCLA are down? I guess that fan-base is a little less exacting. It’s been a LONG while since they’ve sniffed a Nattie.


    1. I hate the overrated rankings the Huskies annually get. I have never understood it. They’re just not that good. Same goes for Browning. I don’t even get the Petersen hype. He was winning where? Boise? C’mon. However, I do fully understand Flow’s love for Petersen. That has never confused me.


      1. Well the Huskies are certainly better than the Trojan program right now. Built on defense. People forget the only reason the Trojans made the Rose Bowl two years ago was because the Huskies made the CFP

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  2. Do not even compare Coach Enfield to Clay Helton. He does a great job with what he has! Coach Enfield does not have the talent that Clueless Clay has. He does not BS us after every game!!! “I have to watch the film and fix it; we’re close. Can’t wait to see us in November.”

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    1. Enfield is crap, a lousy game coach. It is his recruits now so that said a lousy recruiter. What about those crappy asst. Tony Bland was his hire.
      Football talent is over rated especially the linemen, and secondary. The
      basketball squad can’t shoot free throws which is Enfield’s strength . Great
      half time adjustments vs. Nevada.


    1. Agreed but it’s more of a sport than ‘soccer’….when an American athlete can’t play: basketball, football, baseball or hockey there’s always always ‘soccer’


  3. The basketball team is very similar to the football team in another way as well. They play well in the first half and usually lead. ,Texas A&M, Nevada, and then get blown out in the second half.


  4. Andyain’twinning: 3 – 19 vs ranked opponents! No wonder SUCCster’s don’t think basketball is a sport. Andyain’twinning is such a loser he has to hire desirable recruits Ta-Ta’s as asst. BB coach to sign the recruit.


  5. Well, Snyder sure earned a great retirement…I don’t know of any coach that is comparable to ‘no bowl helton’ I know the bsktbl team is still trying to get players healthy from surgeries and assorted injuries,they had players go pro that could have returned …they will get better when they have at least 10 on scholarship players practicing …and playing.


  6. Does Lynn Swann have a plan in place if Kliff Kingsbury decides to go elsewhere? Because I can vision Kingsbury coaching under Clay Helton, especially if he has other offers on the table, because Helton is a buffoon idiot , and that wouldn’t be good for Kingsburys image


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