USC Morning Buzz: Can Kliff Kingsbury Solve All Problems?

Even if USC makes its dream hire of Kliff Kingsbury as offensive coordinator, what will it do to solve other issues?

Who fixes the strength and conditioning program?

Who instills discipline?

Who makes practices harder?

Who will force Clancy Pendergast to make adjustments during games?

Who will get John Baxter to improve special teams?

Who will be a leader of men, which Clay Helton is unable to do?

If you believe discipline is not a problem, I have written about several incidents this season the sideline where players told coaches or staff members to leave them alone in much more ruder teams. I also wrote about at least two players who did not play against Notre Dame because they chose not to play.

Last season there was a fight in the locker room after a Cotton Bowl practice and the coaches did norhing.

You all saw Isaiah Langley yell at JT Daniels during the Cal game. Were the coaches doing anything about it?

Is Kilff Kingsbury going to solve all this too?

23 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Can Kliff Kingsbury Solve All Problems?

    1. Right on Manuel — and the answer is obvious — when USC is playing poorly, it becomes Little Scotty’s wet dream and rationale for being petty and snarky.


      1. Wolf doesn’t do Rah-Rah, Sunshine Pumping crap. A SUCC loss, is a SUCC loss, is a SUCC loss.

        Remind me Mr. Wally Terrific, what should Wolf optimistically write about after the SUCCX awesome, glorious 5 – 7 elite, loser 2018 record.


  1. Think any of us who are objective know the answer to all of this (but hey, Wolfie, Confucius had the Analects, and now you have the Rhetorics!)…this move, in isolation, without making changes that address the plethora of shortcomings in the program, would only mean a return to the high level mediocrity of annual 8-5/9-4/10-3 seasons…and even that would be short-lived, given the dysfunction that would be introduced by adding a former head coach with intentions of resuming being a head coach to the toxic stew…it’s one thing for Saban to add Kiff/Sark, or Urban to add Schianno…CH isn’t them, either in terms of temperament or accomplishment…but it will make things more entertaining (a lot of games like the 2012 62-51 game with Duck Soup)…


    1. And thankfully, the SUCCX, deep state brownnose, Yimmy ‘O’ bozo will pander to the chic, illiterate, Rah-Rah, SUCC Sunshine Pumpers.

      UCLA 34
      Yimmy’s bozos 27


      1. Ah, your facts shortcoming strikes again – if you read (yes, I’m assuming you can read – I’m fair), you will note that I am criticizing the so-called “sunshine pumpers” at SC…I think a K2 hiring would just be another step down the wrong road…you should be happy…at least until you compare the similarities of K2 to SC to the powder blue ChipShip…3-9 and lost of basketball scores in both programs futures…

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  2. What are the chances that Lil Molester Scottie Wolf ever proofreads his posts?
    No wonder he’s been fired and has no journalistic integrity…


  3. I still believe getting KK is a pipe dream. In fact, I would question his credibility if he did take the job. The grim reality is that with Swann, CH, Pendergast, Baxter, etc., still in place, not much will change. Drevino is still largely unproven, and it’s asking a lot of an OC to make the kind of change required to save a sinking ship unless there is another Darnold hidden somewhere that we don’t know about.

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  4. There is one thing for certain. You’re not going to fix anything. Why not leave the decision making process to those who have forgotten more about football than you will ever know.

    By the way, there is a job opening at the LA Times. You’d be perfect to write for them and continue your bashing of USC. Perhaps you can also cover basketball so your article s can appear on page 8 in the lower right corner.


    1. There was a guy on yesterday talking to PMS who bluntly stated if USC got Kingsbury it would be an immediate upgrade across the board. Stated he’d be surprised as Kingsbury’s been touted as a potential HC in the NFL.

      If this happens everyone wins even poor Helton who can finally see how a coaching staff works and he can take that with him when he returns to Bowling Green-KY or Boone-NC


  5. Scott, could tell you were angry and shaking while writing this blog, all the grammar and spelling errors. Take a deep breath 🙂


  6. I guess Clay Helton will go back to being a gofer, or figurehead coach if Kliff Kingsbury is hired. He can wear unplugged headphones, and talk to himself on the sidelines, Because I cant imagine him intercepting any of Kingsbury’s calls, or giving input to Clancy Pendergasts defense .. lol 😂

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  7. Why is everyone thinking Kingsbury will ONLY be hired as OC . . .

    Maybe Swann grew a pair and plans to . . .


  8. Nothing will change next year. Actually, that’s not correct: things could be worse. Open 8/31 with a Fresno State team coached by Jeff Tedford (formerly of Cal), followed by a 9/14 tilt up in Provo with BYU who just gave Utah a really tough game – USC could open 0-2. Then the Pac-12 slate would hit which includes ASU (away), Colorado (away), Cal (away), Washington (away) – and in the “friendly” confines of the Coliseum, Arizona, Oregon, Stanford, Utah, and Westwood High. USC could, realistically (and it pains me to say this), lose more games next season than this season.

    Hoping, magically, that Helton fires himself as playcaller – turns all O-coordination duties over to KK, who truly embraces the running game (JT throwing 51 times vs. ND? What are we? Oh, that’s right…TT), recruit O- and D- linemen, practice full-contact/full-speed in pads, and – most critically – make real halftime adjustments on both sides of the ball. Oh, and discipline. Gotta have that. Otherwise, a 3-9 record could await another L.A. school not run by the state…

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  9. We were not privileged to be in the room when swannie talked to clay…and told himconditions of his stay. we do know helton is no head coach , but tried to be and ruined the team. It may get better if swannie kneecapped him and said leave the asst coaches to run their aspects of the football program, or something like that…otherwise wolfie is correct.


  10. what good coach would want to be an assistant to Helton? It seems a good way for career suicide… especially since the defense (Pendergast) will continue to under perform. This is doubly true with all the negative publicity that Swan is deservedly getting. and I agree with wolf, a OC isn’t going to change the crappy conditioning, poor practices…and having Clay as HC….


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