USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton And Andy Enfield Have Something In Common

My sources tell me USC basketball player Kevin Porter got suspended indefinitely because he “cussed out” USC coach Andy Enfield in Oregon.

Whether Porter even wants to return is debatable because he seems to have one foot in the NBA Draft.

But the fact he got into a verbal altercation with Enfield demonstrates how players do not respect the coach. Just like guard Jordan Usher was suspended for a conduct issue before he transferred to Georgia Tech.

I’ve previously written here how football players unleashed profanity on coaches and staff members during games this past season.

I mentioned how at least two players who did not play against Notre Dame because they chose not to play. In 2017, there was a fight in the locker room after a Cotton Bowl practice and the coaches did nothing.

Players do not respect Clay Helton or Enfield.

I will note a difference, however. Enfield suspends players. Helton doesn’t seem to do much at all.

Welcome to USC in 2019.


17 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton And Andy Enfield Have Something In Common

  1. So to make a long story short, both Helton and Enfield are clearly underachievers, who can’t develop and utilize the talent they recruit. But I think the solution is surprisingly simple. They need to be fired along with Swann for both programs to have a fresh new start with new coaches. Is it so hard for SC to do? They’ll continue to embarrass the school as long as they refuse to clean the house and boneheadedly maintain the status quo.

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    1. Have you noticed that OTHER schools make an offer to a position coach and —-voila!—-he accepts! Under Helton, USC has to say things like “we’ll spend the next few WEEKS trying to locate a good fit for the program!” And NOTHING happens. No one bites. Nobody’s interested.
      Things are SO bad at USC right now, culture-wise, that you almost wish the university could be placed in receivership so that REAL decisions could be made and implemented. The present cast of players are SO lost that change won’t come from inside —it almost seems that it needs to be imposed from the outside (you know, like the post war reconstruction of Europe)……

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      1. That’s right, MG. Who will come and join the team led by a head coach nobody wants in their programs. Probably not even as an assistant at this point. And it’s perfectly understandable because I personally wouldn’t, either, if I was seeking employment as a coach.

        Here’s a foregone conclusion even before the spring practice starts: We’ve got another excruciating season coming up with the most incapable and boring football coach ever!

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      2. R.T. —I think Helton is an average coach. Nothing more, nothing less. He definitely knows how to recruit [but not manage] players. And that’s really about it. Great coaches are always thinking about how they would beat their OWN team —and that helps them get ready to deal with every situation that comes up. When Notre Dame adjusted to the quick pass game in the second half (which Helton should have anticipated), he had no answer. The same thing happened against Utah. He always seems confused by the adjustments made to his Plan A. He’s just a very run of the mill coach and, therefore, a very poor choice to lead the Trojans back to the Rose Bowl (notice I didn’t say the playoffs for fear of being laughed at).

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      3. It’s just as you said, MG. Helton is an average coach at best, and the problem is that he’s coaching a team that’s not an average team where a .500 season is considered to be a towering achievement. And the thing is you don’t become a great one from an average one overnight on your willpower alone. I think we’ve seen it all from him, and I’m afraid he’s got no more upside left to show us. His best season was his first when he(Darnold, to be more accurate?) won the Rose Bowl, and I really don’t see him repeating the feat ever again. In other words, he’s got only way to go, and it’s going south from here on out.

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  2. The problem that transcends the various athletic programs at SC stems from a clear absence of a “culture” overall. It’s incumbent upon the HC to establish that and delegate the philosophy vis-a-vis the assistants he brings on board to help him with the squad. If a solid culture does not exist with the HC, assistants, and the players, then there will inevitably be a “train wreck” throughout the course of the season. What makes the lack of culture a problem is the perception by the student body, alumni, and community there is “dysfunction” and no semblance or cohesion overall. If allowed to persist, the net result will probably be a losing season, as well as, a “red flag” for the young and talented athletes wanting to play and be developed at the next level.
    SC is an institution of higher education with a large number of bright and accomplished scholars. You would think that SC’s AD might want to solicit a “think tank” to help his sorry ass figure out how to rectify all of the serious problems and issues that have permeated all of the various sports at SC. Now I will get off my soap box and go back to hoping for change that is progressive and something to get pumped up about…

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  3. The coaches have to state in their initial meeting every year with the team that they will respect the coaches, players, fans, and the school. if not, then there will be payment that you had never even thought of. If they pursue and act accordingly, then bring out punishment. There should be no problems from the players. Team captains need to step in and inform the player to shape up or ship out as well.

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      1. Why’s that? Is it because there weren’t any sunglasses involved? And because he didn’t try and “frame” his coach when he got caught and hide them in the coaches room?
        You need to stay out of the water on this one ruin.. hahahahaha!

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      2. I get a kick outta Owns, Pudly —but let’s face it, like a lot of bruins he was forever scarred by a certain score…..

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