USC Morning Buzz: Time To Add Stars To Recruit Rankings

Last night, offensive guard Tilini Livai of Narbonne was literally a zero-star prospect by

Livai then committed to USC and magically is a two-star prospect. I’m surprised he wasn’t suddenly give three stars.

So Livai was offered months ago by Iowa State, which went 8-4 and has a coach with a good reputation (Matt Campbell) and was zero stars.

But then he gets offered and commits to a rudderless program (USC) and earns two stars.

11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Time To Add Stars To Recruit Rankings

  1. Woof-woof: you know that we know what you know – this isn’t exactly news (good boy – fetch!)…and not invented at USC or anywhere near the west coast (twang-twang)…


  2. Hey Wolf — a dirty little secret — stars are somewhat determined by who is recruiting you. It certainly goes into the equation.


  3. who cares…SC will have performing like a no star soon…but he’ll look good to no bowl helton, prancing around in shorts


    1. His teammate was also on the trip. OT and Army All American who said he was there to hang with Toa and when asked how the visit went he said “It was alright”

      Yikes. Helton only offered this kid to lure his buddy and i dont think we’re getting him.


  4. The scathing articles that came out last week on the Pac12 finances, Laary Scott and the Stste of Pac12 football and basketball in general along with Mark Packer comments on USC football being miles away from a CFP appearance doesnt bode well .


  5. Larry Scott’s salary in 2016 was $4.8 big ones. That’s a lot of money. What the F did he do to earn it?

    He’s under contract for ’19, ’20, ’21, & ’22. Helton & Scott must know the same agent.


  6. Man…..Owns we’re recruiting like Ucla football. Happy for leftovers. What has the world come to?

    A new Rah-Rah song for the SUCCX FB Program: “Slip slidin’ away”

    You have to admit Sammy UCLA pulled the trigger on CK. The bozos pulled the trigger and got Swann.


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