USC Recruiting Is Something Else

USC just received a commitment from Narbonne offensive guard Tilini Livai.

His other offers were from Hawaii, Iowa State, New Mexico and Portland State.

USC offered a scholarship to safety Deland McCullough II, the son of former Trojans running backs coach Deland McCullough.

McCullough II is currently committed to Miami, Ohio.

This is another reason why Clay Helton needed to be replaced. He can’t win with four-and-five star players and now USC is setting its sights much lower.


12 thoughts on “USC Recruiting Is Something Else

  1. Maybe that will bring Coach McCullough back! A package deal! I doubt it tho! Why would anyone in their right mind, want to be a assistant to the WORST coach in College football!!

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    1. The answer to your question is simple. Any coach would want to be on a staff for a guy who got his job because he was on the staff of the first worst coach of all time. The reason everyone thinks Kliff is a hot commodity is because his offensive was great. His win loss record sucks and Baker Mayfield says he’s a terrible coach. If he comes to USC it will be based on his chances to replace Helton.


  2. Coming from the dude who insists that USC recruits itself. Oh, that must be only when we close with the 4 and 5 star guys. When we’re slow to recruit early, it’s all Clay. Classic Snarky Scottie!


  3. Why in the world would McCullogh tell his own son to go to the Helton’s team knowing he won’t be developed and fizzle out to be an also-ran in college?

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  4. Another new normal…mediocrity is king at usc… no bowl helton can’t ruin anymore future nfl kids coming in with 4-5 stars…he will get to develop 2-3 star players …that is what he turned his 4-5 star guys into…well at least they get a degree for free while running around in shorts, while helton brags about how great November will be….

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  5. A different approach to considering this is that, as it doesn’t matter if you provide CH and CP with a fist full of Aces (Sam, JuJu, RoJo, Adoree, et al), who is going to be building and playing this hand? With a good coaching staff, you can get a Mike Patterson (and it’s the lack of players like him that has been the real indictment of the program’s decline) or Clay Matthews from the unreliable recruiting rankings…


  6. You can win national championships with lower rated players if you develop them into a great program. But since Clay Helton has no direction, or leadership skills, those recruits leave his program exactly the way they arrived , unless they take it upon themselves to develop.


    1. Fred-exactly the point I was getting at too…the best talent, if undeveloped and not properly conditioned/prepared/led, will not succeed as a group, and in most cases, won’t prosper as individuals (with, as you have pointed out, the exception of the individual that does it on their own – I think we saw some of that this year with Biggie, and can only imagine how much more we would have seen from him had he been properly coached, in a well coached defense, on a well coached team)…


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