USC Wins NCAA Title In Water Polo

USC defeated host Stanford, 14-12, to win its 10th NCAA title in men’s water polo.

The Trojans led 13-6 with 5:04 left and held on for the victory.

Finally some rare good news for Lynn Swann. He probably would be happier if it were a golf title.


12 thoughts on “USC Wins NCAA Title In Water Polo

  1. Congrats Boban! Sorry, Scottie – I know it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard when a USC team wins a title. But we love your crankiness!


      1. Breaking sports story, just fired GBP’ker HFBC Mike McCarthy has contacted Helton regarding SUCCX Offensive Woes Coordinator. According to sources, McCarthy can’t wait to call bozo plays for orthopedic challenged, excuse, excuses, excuses QB, J.T. Daniels.

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  2. You still have no life Owns eh? Still posting on a rival’s board talking crud. My daughter, who is now 17 and going to be a senior at Bishop Gorman in Vegas, reads this too, and said that you should be concerned about issues at UCLA, not USC. Grow some balls she said. LOL. Kid is smart, you are not.


    1. Ask him about the ‘glory years’ when the peckerwood was getting cover from both the ncaa and local 4 estate scribes – a year after he left Gene Bartow has his life threatened by Gilbert


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