When Does Change Mean Change?

I just asked an athletic dept. source about Clancy Pendergast, John Baxter and the strength and conditioning program.

The response was “status quo at the moment.”

I’m not sure why Clay Helton thought he needed to fire three coaches last week but not touch defensive coordinator, special teams coordinator or strength and conditioning.

Maybe he felt he needed to keep things together through the early Signing Day on Dec. 19.

Otherwise, there has not been enough change yet. And I’m skeptical Helton will get it right.


18 thoughts on “When Does Change Mean Change?

  1. I thought we were following the Notre Dame model. Kelly fired the offensive, defensive and special teams coordinators as well as the strength and conditioning coach. Since Helton is a lightweight coach when compared to Brian Kelly is guess USC is following the Notre Dame “light” model.


  2. We have a strength and conditioning coach? I thought they were watching a video of sweating with oldies, but the vcr jammed. Special teams will be needing a math tutor so they get the right number of men on field. Although I heard from an unnamed source that the missing players were taking selfies during the play.

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  3. I have to agree with Wolf.
    Also why is everyone forgetting the way Clancy prepared this defense the last three seasons because we were an average defense and guys like Adoree, Gustin and Cam made the unit go on pure football instincts and talent. You can make the argument that Pendergast was a setback for these players. How he’s still around at USC says they’re not taking College Football serious and honestly I’m a little embarrassed as a Trojan fan. Grow pair Helton and go gett the best f***ing guy available!!!!!


      1. You are right. Him too. And that was Sarks kid not Helton or Clancy. I forgot about him. Honestly i wouldnt want my kid playing his college ball USC under these guys. Im catholic, i would send him to South Bend before I let my son back peddle in football.

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    1. Sammy wants Helton to use a magic wand to replace the fired FB staff.

      Winning teams, with employable coaches, are preparing their teams for Bowl Games. Given Clown U’s FB program’s circus MO and current beleaguered HC, what makes Clown U an Asst. Coach paradise.

      In the meantime, SUCCX has employed K.K., the recently jettisoned Tixas Tick HFBC, as Helton’s offensive coordinator. The Rah-Rah’s, based on K.K.’s dubious experience, have forecasted a SUCCS Playoff invitation for 2019. Ho, ho, ho, ho!

      SUCCX, the most talented (BS), overrated, underperforming Div 1 FB team.

      bozo u does lead Div 1 FB in excessive, Hollywood Hi-Five, “we bad” antics after routine tackles or poorly executed, opponent incomplete bounce passes.


      1. We know ucla already had its bowl game. Congratulations.

        We wont lose the next one. But SC fans are gonna be p*$$*d when they see our offense moving the ball only to have Clancy continue coordinate the defense to a new low as they will be led by the most overrated DC in CFB.
        He sucks.


      2. Regarding winning teams, U Cockroaches of LA are sitting home this season. That means that they are U Cockroaches of Losers Again.


  4. Clancy has not been let go yet because USC is waiting on how the Dallas Cowboys end their season.

    If they get left out of the playoffs, USC goes after Kris Richard for DC (He is their DB coach on a good Cowboys defense this year and was a former DC in Seattle under Carroll).

    If Cowboys make it, then USC goes looking for someone else or might even keep Clancy one more year.

    I’ll leave it up to you guys to figure out if you will root for the Cowboys to win out or lose the rest of the way.


  5. Kliff’s strength & conditioning coach from TT, who was fired with everyone else, is apparently amazing – former Green Beret, super inspirational. Hey may be an option there. That dept needs a change. And this person needs to be football-only – can’t support the entire athletics dept.


  6. Let Clay Helton be who he is, I’m hoping he doesn’t change a thing, because he won’t survive after next seasons schedule, because the honeymoon is over . The PAC 12 is slowly up grading their football coaches, and Helton is still walking in place


  7. Helton, mediocre as he is, is probably only staying because with the extension he got last year, USC is too cheap to pay him off yet, As for Clancy Pendergast, a committee of defensive specialist from outside the program should be quickly engaged to see if he’s up to the job, and if he’s flexible enough to make proper schematic changes as the games go along. The strength and conditioning coach needs outside scrutiny too.
    A car can’t ride well on on one new tire alone if the others need air.


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