Remember Kenny Bigelow?

Former USC defensive tackle Kenny Bigelow, who played at West Virginia this season, was named to the Pro Football Focus All-Big-12 first team.

He barely could get on the field at USC but became a key contributor at West Virginia.

This shows you that the Clay Helton-Clancy Pendergast-Kenechi Udeze trio wasn’t getting the most out of linemen. I thought the defensive line was a huge disappointment this season outside of Porter Gustin, who is officially a linebacker.

Remember in 2017 when Helton said Bigelow was becoming a “coach” and let him go on the Notre Dame road trip? A few weeks later he transferred.


9 thoughts on “Remember Kenny Bigelow?

  1. Bigelow gave up in the team – no two ways about it. Sorry, Scottie. Can’t put lipstick on this proverbial pig of a theory.


    1. Who says he quit on the team? You? It’s a pretty distant journey to go from being a quitter one day, to an all conference player on a quality team the next. I categorically disagree.

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      1. Talk to people in the program. Everyone loves Kenny – not a bad guy. But he literally stepped away from the team prior to the ND game.


      2. As I recall that is exactly what happened. There was an altercation with a coach and players. As for going from quitter to all conference, they are not related. He was always a good player, no doubt about that. But he was thinking about himself when he quit the team . And yes leaving school for another school is quitting the team.


  2. Just another hard fact…under helton there is no progress …they practice in shorts …any player with any initiative to get better and/or succeed would leave…I see an average recruiting class under helton , as the truth is getting obvious.


  3. Some coaches have it in for players, believe it or not, they won’t play you for petty reasons, and it usually happens with loser coaches, who haven’t accomplished much . If Kenny Bigelow played for a reputable coaching staff from day one, this would have never happened


  4. Caleb Wilson was not good enough per Helton we know what happened there and o yeah he kept Tyler Petite who could not block,catch or run with the ball same story different player Helton is a ass!!!


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