If It’s Friday, It Must Be Time For A USC Notes Column

King Kliff Kingsbury “coached” the following QBs in college: Patrick Mahomes, Baker Mayfield, Johnny Manziel, Case Keenum and Davis Webb.
Mayfield transferred and is critical of Kingsbury while Webb ended up spending his senior year at Cal. But for the sake of argument, we will give him all of those quarterbacks.
Now a couple warning signs from Kingsbury’s recruiting at Texas Tech.
  • His class a year ago was ranked No. 73 (terrible even by Texas Tech standards) and featured just four defensive players in a recruiting class of 17 prospects.
  • His 2015 class was notable because 11 of the 20 recruits transferred, quit playing or never showed up to play. Maybe it doesn’t matter because he will only handle the offense at USC but it shows he is not as perfect as many USC fans would lead you to believe.
  • USC couldn’t even get a quote from Kingsbury for its official announcement on his hiring. Talk about lame. The way USC is hyping the hire you would think Kingsbury would tell the fans how excited he is to come to USC.
  • I’ve heard one reason he took the job was to be near his girl friend, who lives in Manhattan Beach. Hopefully this isn’t about becoming part of the South Bay mafia.
  • USC has a commitment from a high school player whose father played college football. That college did not offer the son. Is that a warning sign? I’m not interesting in criticizing a recruit. I am interested in USC’s evaluation process. It’s about as questionable as everything else Clay Helton does.
  • Former USC players Ronnie Lott and Willie McGinest have spoken to USC administrators about hiring Mark Carrier as secondary coach. I said last week I did not expect this to happen. It is interesting, though, that some former players realize they can’t trust Clancy Pendergast when it comes to hiring a secondary coach.
  • It would be nice for the cornerbacks USC is recruiting if they hired a coach sometime soon. Same with the running backs, defensive linemen and wide receiver coaching spots.
  • If Pendergast hires Austin Clark as defensive line coach, his control of the defense will be even greater than before because Kenechi Udeze chafed under his dictatorial style.
  • A week ago, former Western Kentucky coach Mike Sanford was a name to consider for quarterbacks coach or offensive coordinator. That fell through with Kingsbury and now Sanford is a frontrunner to end up as offensive coordinator at North Carolina.
  • Andy Enfield had a great answer when asked why star guard Kevin Porter has been out two weeks with a bruised thigh: “No idea,” Enfield said.
  • USC plays TCU today at Staples Center. It’s a homecoming for TCU coach Jamie Dixon, who previously spurned interest from USC.
  • The Athletic had a revealing quote from Kingsbury two years ago about what it took for a quarterback to be successful in his offense? “The great ones I’ve coached, it’s the ability to extend the play, keep your eyes downfield. You’ve got five guys out most of the time on every route and if you can extend the play, someone is going to uncover. It’s going to be hard for a defense to keep up with the guys that long.

That does not sound like JT Daniels.


28 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It Must Be Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Keep it all negative, Scottie – stay on-brand, baby! You were pro-Darnold from the start, anti-JT, anti-Pete, and now anti-Kliff. We’ll see how that pans out for you. Great weekend, my friend!

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  2. You are interested in criticizing anyone and everyone recruit or otherwise. It is how you make yourself feel better about yourself. You tear down anyone and anything that makes you feel small. Get help Scott.


    1. Kenneth reminds me of Snarling Sally Snarls. Kenny, like SSS, never has anything nice to say about the Wolfster. I’m guessing Kenneth dislikes the truth.

      Memo to Kenneth – Try Alwyn Walrus’ bwog, “SUCCX is perfect, and never does anything wrong.”

      *****Kenneth, auld stick, just be advised the Ms. Walrus’ prognostications are always wrong. For instance, Walrus loudly claimed that Todd McNair would win his NCAA defamation suit and exonerate the “unfair” SUCCX sanctions imposed for its shocking “…total lack of Institutional Control.”

      Schtoink, McNair, of course, lost beeg time. LOL.


      1. He was awful as an OC. He ruined talent. Leinart said that they kept the offense from Chow and he would change plays that he didn’t like, said stick with the offense while he was there. But Kiff was dead set on showing he could reinvent football, and changed the offense. Sark and Kiff wanted to get out of the shadow of being said to run Chow’s offense. PC wanted to have a coaching tree and get the credit. It blew up in everyone’s face. Difference is, Pete remembered why he went from a failed coach to a successful one, i.e. he embraced what he was good at, in terms of an open, honest, competitive atmosphere, and EMBRACING working with the best. Making room for the best people is what it’s all about not optics and hiring people you can control, etc. SC forgot that.


    1. It’s his niche…. there aren’t many others that go consistently negative. On the other hand, those that go consistently positive are legion. I get it.


    1. Dude, I agree with most of what you say but can you at least have proper grammar?? “I’m not interesting in criticizing a recruit.”


      1. You would never know Scott went to college and studied Journalism. His spelling and sentence structure are similar to grade school product. You would think he would at least use spell check.


  3. The flip side of poor recruiting classes at Texas Tech is that Kingsbury seems to get a lot out of kids who are not highly regarded recruits – that would seem to be a good thing, no? SW, sometimes it is good to find take off the blinders and find that there are positives in a story.

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  4. TCU vs SUCCX BB at Stables. Why? Not enough empty seats @ Galen Barn to go around?

    TCU 6-1 lost to Lipscomb!

    As usual, Andyain’twinning just be cupcaking.

    *****Sat: Notre Dame vs UCLA @ Pauley is the hot ticket.


    1. Once again, hyped up bRuin basketball will fizzle. They have played two good teams on the year and got boat raced in both games. Once a blue blood program, now an also ran.

      Funny though, their basketball program and USC football program are both one coach away from being nationally relevant.


      1. Whoa, Bumbles speaks the truth. UCLA lost to cream puffs Mich. State and North Carolina; those teams have NCAA BB NC’s listed on their CV.

        Bumbles, remind me, what BB teams have defeated bozo u in 2019? Take your time Bumbles.

        According to Wolf, Andyain’twinning is a cool 3 – 19 vs ranked BB teams.

        I shouldn’t beat the dead horse SUCCX men’s BB program.


  5. Just for fun, I showed my two daughters, ages 17 and 12 your posts on here . They know you have a serious problem. FROM TEENAGERS! They know you are sick!


      1. Commie Lush, you caustic, puerile dipsomaniac. If it boasts your feel third-rate intellect to speak ill of the dead, knock yourself out. Even a pathetic, miserable AH such yourself deserves to be happy on occasion.


  6. PC learned from what he needed to learn after his two stints in the NFL (Jets and Pats). He brought that to USC and learned even more on what makes a real leader – competition. I hope the same is evident with Kinsbury esp. specific to Daniels sense of ‘entitlement’

    Helton has one year left regardless of how 2019 ends

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  7. All Wolf wants to do is criticize 19 year old kids. Fine to tear down coaches or administrators, but he even slams kids when they don’t deserve it. He was so upset that Cody Kessler was a third round pick, he was beside himself.


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