USC Quote Of The Day

USC finally has some brief Kliff Kingsbury quotes on Instagram.

Here is the key one: “I think there’s a misconception we’re just going to throw it around and air it out. We’re going to run the ball and be physical and try to make as many first downs and score as many points as possible.”


14 thoughts on “USC Quote Of The Day

  1. wow, that’s a really small office… it appears southern cal is hurting for money.

    At least he was cheap. Maybe there will be a recently fired/blue-light special DC you can hire next year when Clancy will be the scapegoat.

    I’m betting the ole Chiperino will hang 400 yards of rushing yards on that oh-so pillowy soft d next year. It’s gotta sting to see the mighty bruins push your D around like that. Complete domination in the trenches. 2018 was just the beginning 34-27.

    I think it’s time for Swanny to give the claymaker another extension.


    1. Miggy,
      Clean the jocks or whatever you sniff and take it to the Gremlin you park because they need the Bruin Locker Rooms empty for the actual Rose Bowl game.
      Keep that tradition going!


  2. Lying Clay Helton said the exact same thing after he was named head coach, but Tee Martin did the complete opposite , and barley ran the ball even against teams that wer vulnerabie against the run . But since Kliff Kingsbury is a real coach, I’ll go ahead and believe him

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  3. Kliff ran it more last year than Stanford, and no, Stanford is not a neo-Air-Raid system. The key to the hire? He’s got a system – an identity. something we’ve lack on offense for years. I welcome it.

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  4. Just read interesting stat. Since 2016 USC only produces 56 percent of the All Pac12 football team talent that they should based on recruiting rankings. Ie players fail to be developed. Washington meanwhile produces 333 percent more thann they should based on recruiting rankings. Ie they develop players better

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  5. There was only one way for USC based on the abysmal results of this year’s team and with Kingsbury it will be ‘up’. I’d say Chip Kelly is not pleased nor Petersen or Shaw or Wilcox et. al..


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