Former USC Great Tim Rossovich Dies

Tim Rossovich, an All-American defensive end in 1967 and member of that national championship team, died Thursday after a long illness. He was 72.

Rosssovich was in the NFL from 1968-76 and played in the 1969 Pro Bowl. He then turned to acting where he had nearly 50 credits.

He was inducted into the USC Hall of Fame in 2015. Rossovich was selected with the 14th pick of the 1968 NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. He played for the Eagles from 1968-71 and was a 1969 Pro Bowl pick

He was even the kicker at USC and made a field goal and extra point in USC’s 10-6 victory over Texas in 1966.

People who knew Rossovich were full of stories of crazy stunts or hi-jinx. He reportedly chewed glass and set himself on fire.


11 thoughts on “Former USC Great Tim Rossovich Dies

  1. Tim had those ‘pain contests’ with Mike Battle….crazy Mike and Tim…the best team was 1967….defeated MI St., TX everyone in the Pac-8 ‘except’ OR St. (Dee Andros 3 – 0 victory over USC). Beat the irish for the first timer @ So. Bend since 1939 but the best was set for last….shoving that shiv up bel-air tech’s back side after 2 consecutive losses to them 21 – 20.

    The 1968 draft the year had four USC players taken in the AFL/NFL draft in the 1st round.

    God’s speed Tim.


      1. Hey tro – my bad 5 Trojans were chosen in that ‘combined’ draft in round 1
        Yary – MN, Mike Taylor -PIT, Rossovich-PHIL, Mike Hull – CHI and McCullough – DET.


      2. Rus – greatest team ever, at least that I have seen in my lifetime. Earl McCullough – amazing hurdler and receiver. Given the offense back in the day, and with OJ in the backfield, I am guessing Earl probably didn’t catch more than 30 balls that year.

        Great memories!


    1. Are you mad Commie Lush that Andyain’t winning’s SUCCXster’s were annihilated @ the Stables Ctr., 96 – 61 by that perennial BB power, TCU.

      TCU is a team that lost to the Lipscomb BB team 73 – 64!

      According to a knowledgeable source, there were 10’s of SUCCX fans to witness the humiliating, pathetic Clown U 35 point crushing defeat.

      Andyain’twinning bravely took responsibility for the bozo massacre – So chit, that goes w/o saying.

      Next bozo defeat: Sat., Dec. 15, 2018 @ Oklahoma.

      SUCCX bricks on.


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