Randal Grimes Transferring

Wide receiver Randal Grimes is transferring from USC.

USC coaches committed malpractice with Grimes and he is smart to leave. In 2017, he was thrown on to the field for the Notre Dame game, which was Game 8, and burned his redshirt year. This season he played in only 3 games and did redshirt. Who does that?

Grimes probably can’t leave fast enough. He was 6-foot-5 and look like he had potential in practices but never got a chance to prove it in games.


15 thoughts on “Randal Grimes Transferring

    1. getting crushed can sometimes be a real shattering experience,like that 2×4 to the noggin’…they are not working hard enough…period


  1. good for him,
    although if there truly is a new OC / q/b coach it may have worked out, although not being made a co head coach in charge of all of the offense would have warned the POS that has title head coach that he is on notice, etc…you better swallow that false pride you have along with those pseudo practices in shorts…well you get my point…


  2. Clueless Clay needs to be shaken every now and then, he also fell asleep at the wheel with Michael Pittman too, until Pittmans dad had to send the Bozo a message, that his sons is a 5 star receiver, and he’s actually on the Trojans roster


  3. Will be interesting to see if Grimes precedes Sears transferring. Sears might go thru Spring practice first to see where he lands under Kingsbury before making that decision.


  4. I will probably never know what happened with Grimes but as someone pointed out the other day, coaches can be vindictive. He might not be the talent he thinks he is, but I doubt that’s the case. It’s more than likely he’s just been overlooked by a coaching staff with terrible blind spots.
    All I know is we have not used our reserves or firsts well. Rotating fresh legs always makes sense. Putting second and third string players is the best way to develop them into first string players.
    I feel sorry that this kid wasted two years at a school because the coaches don’t know what they’re doing. I hope some will stay to find out what the new guy throws their way.


  5. Last night’s basketball game with TCU was pathetic. The team was outplayed and out coached, Again, we are getting top recruits, but they aren’t playing up to expectations. Every game we have a chance to get a quality win, we fall apart. It was tough to watch. The big three sports of football, baseball, and basketball have not nearly come close to the expectations that SC fans and supporters deserve the last few years!


    1. Enfield is as bad as Helton. Another one lucky year Coach who Haden adored. The Tony Bland fiasco should have gotten him fired. Lousy game
      day coach who has no wins over any top program outside conference.
      Add Men Volleyball to the list of deteriorated sport’s programs under
      Haden/ Swann regime.


  6. Here’s the one receiver who’s NOT happy to see the best offensive mind in college football arrive…. oops! Maybe Kliff told him the truth and gave him an indication that he woldn’t be in the top rotation? I hope that’s the case. He’s a really good kid.


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