Tee Martin To Maryland?

Former USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin could be headed to Maryland as offensive coordinator according to FootballScoop.com.

But will he call the plays?

That’s a key question because Maryland’s new coach, Mike Locksley, was the offensive coordinator at Alabama. He is also trying to hire Butch Jones as associate head coach to oversee the offense, according to FootballScoop.

So Martin could find himself in familiar territory if he ends up at Maryland.


12 thoughts on “Tee Martin To Maryland?

  1. SCooter, why are you so nice about T Martin? he could not call any right plays at any time. He did not know how to set up plays or take it to the defense weakness. You are slipping. Reminder, he did call plays at SC and it is not entirely Helton’s fault.

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  2. Wish Tee the Best, but I’m concerned that it’s a downward trajectory for him. His value as a recruiter takes a bit of a hit when you pull him 3K miles away from his base.


  3. Alabama knows who to hire as assistants not a failed head coach like
    Kingsbury who is another Paul Hackett type. The best was of course
    Norm Chow not a head coach who came from N.C. St.


  4. I expect Tee would be a good fit for shuffle board coach on a cruise ship. I can hear him now, “you go right up the middle and if that doesn’t work do it again because no one expects it.”


  5. If that new coach is what AL produces that decides to hire Tee Martin as the MD offensive coordinator well good luck at College Park. The sole gain for Locksley is Martin is a decent recruiter and nothing else – he was and is a lousy OC


  6. Anybody who hires Tee Martin to run their offense, and call plays is an idiot, and won’t be a head coach too long. Martin didn’t take advantage of the over abundance of talent he had at USC, and refused to run the ball against teams that were vulnerable against the run, he preferred to try and show everyone that he was smarter than them .


  7. Who cares where this over paid over weight dunce ends up … like Kiffer and Suck and eventually Gomer this moron will never be big time again


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