Morning Buzz: Who Did USC A Favor?

One of the funnier comments I’ve heard recently is USC owes JT Daniels because he sacrificed a lot by giving up his senior year of high school to bail out the Trojans this season.

Excuse me? Daniels could not run to USC fast enough once he decided Sam Darnold was probably going to turn pro after his sophomore season. He did not want to come to USC with Jack Sears or Matt Fink already getting a year as a starter.

But I have no doubt if Daniels had waited to graduate high school, Clay Helton would give him a lot more of a chance to win the starting job vs. an incumbent starter than he will give Sears next season to unseat Daniels.

Not many quarterbacks come into a program and get coronated like Daniels did last summer. And not many get their starting job back so fast like Daniels did after sitting out a game.

Why am I bothering to attack this narrative that Daniels did USC a favor?

Because it sounds like something that would come from someone in the Daniels camp. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Helton said one day that Daniels did the program a favor.

You know who really did Helton a favor? The guy in the below video who allowed Helton to con some people (not me) that he knew what he was doing at USC.


12 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Who Did USC A Favor?

  1. Why is this even on a highlight reel for the NFL? This was one of the routine plays for Darnold when he was at SC.

    Yeah, he was pretty darn good, and he bailed out Helton in more than just a few games with some truly miraculous plays.

    No more Darnold, and as expected by many in the offseason, Helton has been exposed like he had no clothes.

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  2. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Helton said”……Well whatever you “report” on Helton or SC Football will most likely be made from your laptop at the nearest Pieology.

    Also, I thought about it the other day that SW has never complimented USC football not once in the years I’ve been around.
    That brings me to my next question.
    What USC faculty member, fan, or person attached to the university in any way broke this man’s heart for him to be so black hearted towards the Cardinal & Gold?????????????????????????????

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  3. Daniels did SC a favor by proving 3 years at a pampered high school is not enough to make a kid the starter. Even when he showed promise he also showed he wasn’t ready.
    Even though he reclassified and managed to get enough credits to graduate early, he did so because he wanted to. No favors were granted.

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    1. That priceless shot of Daniels crying like a 5-year-old girl when the bruin defensive LB cleanly caught that ball Daniels claimed ‘slipped’ out of his hand….funny how it sailed straight as an arrow for 20 yds before it was intercepted. Reading about his ‘popsie’ moving with sonny boy and all the coaches at Mater Dei and that ‘guru’ football clinic stating this kid deserved to “…be given the keys to the car….(entire offensive decisions) because he is “…gifted unlike anyone else playing anywhere….” idiocy.

      Squealing Daniels….suddenly he realizes what a real series of opponents who don’t give a rip about his back end can do when everyone sees he’s ‘average’ at best.

      Fire Helton


  4. Coronated? sheesh… Try crowned. And didn’t Sears get a chance earlier this year? Did he win the game? No, he didn’t. So not sure why Scottie holds him out as the savior of the program like he does. Good solid QB, but nowhere near the upside. Let’s give Kliff the chance to work with the QBs. No premature freak-outs about decisions that have not been made.

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  5. Daniels is #1. #1 in the category of ,never will be asked to do a TV endorsement. He’s actually oogly. More than Pigsnoot. Hard to believe but true.
    If USC OL in 2019 plays like they did in 2018, Mr Daniels is gonna get turf arse. Pac-11 LB’s just can’t wait to plant his arrogant cake eater arse on the grass.


  6. I think Sears will see what Kingsbury brings in Spring practice and evaluate his status and then make a decision to stsy or not. Many high school coaches actually thought Sears was better than Darnold in high school


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