USC Going After Defensive Line Coach

USC is interested in Boise State defensive line coach Chad Kauha’aha’a, according to

Kauha’aha’a was an assistant to Gary Andersen at Utah State, Wisconsin and Oregon State. Andersen is reportedly trying to him back to Utah State.

The bigger question is whether Kauha’aha’a will be a yes man to Clancy Pendergast. He better figure that out before he decides if he wants the USC job.


5 thoughts on “USC Going After Defensive Line Coach

  1. Please proof your stuff better, Scottie…. tough to know whether I’m going dumb when ready your stuff…. or whether you’ve dropped a word (the case here). Love your stuff, just sharpen it up, baby! Don’t mail it in…..


    1. Haaa!
      For a second I thought I was checking my son’s homework when he skips over proof reading it before he hands it to me. I thought I was bad but on the other hand I didn’t go to USC for the purpose of having to know this stuff while at the same time receiving a paycheck like someone we know (🔝SW).



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