USC Morning Buzz: Recruiting Keeps Getting Stranger

With Signing Day on Wednesday, USC is certainly busy.

  • It made a later offer to defensive back Mark Perry of Rancho Cucamonga, who announced he would still sign with Colorado.
  • It tried to get offensive lineman Arase Mose of St. Louis in Honolulu, who announced he would still sign with Hawaii.
  • It made a very later offer Monday to defensive back Titus Toler of St. John Bosco, who still plans to sign with Wisconsin.

But there could be some good news tonight: Laiatu Latu, a four-star defensive end from Carmichael, Calif., will announce at 6 p.m.

Latu is believed to be down to USC and Washington.


9 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Recruiting Keeps Getting Stranger

  1. So much for Helton being a great recruiter. Barring some late spurt, things aren’t looking that promising at the moment. After having been exposed as a lousy head coach managing to put up a 5-7 record with all those former 4 and 5-star recruits on the roster, the whole world knows now that he can’t develop the players to their potential. It’s now more than obvious that he is more of a liability to the team who projects a negative image on it, instead of positive. Yep, he should’ve been cut at the end of the season at the latest.

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    1. Rusoviet,

      I disagree, three things can happen and they are:
      things can get worse in recruiting
      things can stay the same
      things can get better

      Kids can realize that Helton is a lame duck and will stay away and that is how they get worse. SC has sunk to recruiting 3 start players and that is what they will get. The new coaches can make a difference and they might be able to help pick up recruiting.


    1. With the way USC is going now, which is to the commie far left, you will only get a pencil neck geek or greek to run the school. Probably their first words will be, “Do you still play that brutal contact sport called football, how disgusting”.


  2. You would come to the school, because of the school not the coach. When he is gone, a new excellent coach will come in and get this thing turned around. You will be glad that you came to SC for the education and connections, plus you will be at the beginning of positive change!


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