USC Offers Every Cornerback Except Son Of Ex-Trojan

USC is offering every cornerback it can find these days.

But you know who USC did NOT offer? Kyu Kelly, the son of former USC star cornerback Brian Kelly.

Kyu Kelly, who is from Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas, is committed to Stanford. He is a three-star prospect so maybe USC wasn’t impressed earlier. But they sure are throwing offers at other three stars (or less). He was offered by UCLA and Oregon.

And how hard can it be to recruit the son of one of USC’s best corners in the past 25 years? Wait, one of the best USC cornerbacks ever.

At least USC fans cannot claim he did not have the grades to get into school since he is going to Stanford.

Maybe the reason USC did not offer Kelly was because his father saw what kind of coaching his son would receive there.


5 thoughts on “USC Offers Every Cornerback Except Son Of Ex-Trojan

  1. Good thing you don’t have a son Wolf. If hew did, and wanted to be a journalist, could you imagine him looking up to you? I can’t.


  2. You’re going strictly by genetics? That’s cronyism…. I’m not a fan. Let the cream rise to the top regardless of your parents’ status or income bracket.


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