Did USC Botch Recruitment Of Jordan Wilmore?

Lawndale tailback Jordan Wilmore committed to USC in August. But he announced yesterday he would not sign today and there is a feeling he might end up at Boise State or Utah.

Why? Well, maybe he wants to know who is head coach will be for the next four years? Or maybe he doesn’t like Clay Helton’s tailback-by-committee approach? Or the role of a tailback in an Air Raid offense?

Whatever the reason, Wilmore was supposed to be signed today. And now no one is even sure if he will end up with USC.

UPDATED: I heard the USC coaching staff, including King Kliff, made an emergency visit to Wilmore. Doesn’t appear to have worked.


13 thoughts on “Did USC Botch Recruitment Of Jordan Wilmore?

  1. Are you always a dick! I”ve read your articles over the years and I think your clueless about high school and college football. I think its all about sour grapes with you. You seem to have issues with the program for the last 15 years or so. A 5-7 team will have a difficult time recruiting, especially when you have a fool like you who isn’t out to help fix but only to shine a spotlight on himself. Recruits and their parents do read the crap that you and your kind put out there. It does effect some decisions that are made.

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  2. I don’t blame Jordan Wilmore, he probably to a look at Ronald Jones’s lack of development, and how he was ill prepared for the NFL , and how he turned into a second round bust .

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  3. Wilmore was playing football games until last weekend. Much longer than the normal high school season. Don’t expect Scottie to take that into consideration when he doesn’t understand how the recruiting process works. He simply will take any information and spin it negatively because that’s what he does…. Which is also one of the MANY reasons he’s still unemployed….

    Wilmore never took his official visit to USC or any other school for that matter, due to the fact that he was playing still. He chose to commit to his high school football team completely until his season was finished (something to be admired), instead of allowing his personal recruitment to be a priority over his team. He is actually making a wise decision to hold off on signing and not rush into anything before he’s had the opportunity to take his visits.


  4. Weren’t you mocking him as being a questionable “SC worthy” recruit in the past? Now you’re upset because he won’t sign?


  5. I hate to say it but USC, Clay Helton, Clancy Pendergast and Lynn Swann need this stuffed in their faces.
    This is the situation that they created.
    Good job boys!


  6. He probably does not want to practice with an ‘O’ line that practices in shorts…no real blocking ,therefore no real tackling from the defense…no real game preparation.


  7. King Kliff? Dude’s been on campus two weeks and already has a derogatory nickname. Hard to imagine how “inside” this blog is when you’re burning every bridge as soon as their built.


  8. That’s pretty embarrassing, losing extremely talented Running Back. I would done a emergency visit after he just gave Lawndale there first State Championship.


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