USC Flips A Washington State Recruit

USC has signed defensive tackle De’jon Benton, who was committed to Washington State.

That says it all. USC is now flipping guys from Washington State. Benton is a 3-star from Pittsburg, Calif.

Between the lackluster corners and 5-11 quarterbacks, stealing a Washington State recruit makes perfect sense.

Oh wait, the 5-11 quarterback (Dillon Gabriel) just committed to Central Florida. Thanks, Kingsbury!

And remember offensive lineman Kardell Thomas and tailback Tyrion Davis, who visited last weekend despite being committed to LSU? They signed with LSU today.

So they wanted a free trip to Los Angeles.


29 thoughts on “USC Flips A Washington State Recruit

  1. Hey Guys, has Scottie always been this troubled with SC? There’s a negative twist on everything, so just curious if his views were ever different.


    1. Never. Hes a click bait guy. He has no inside info, and he has boxed himself into this corner. He has no other cards to pull other than being a USC antagonist.


      1. Hard to believe he did go to USC and graduate from the Journalism school. His grammar and spelling are at the sixth grade level. He has ALWAYS been negative. he must lead a miserable life.


      2. Yes, he attended and his job is to be critical, fair and objective. However, he has put his personal opinion into his comments.


    2. Nah, that’s his brand. It’s what he does. He was just as snarky and negative when Pete was winning national championships. So take that for what it is. I feel that he always finds and stresses the negative because most of the other online media tends to sunshine-pump.


    3. Recruiting sucks = toxic environment at southern (look yourself in the mirror)
      Losing Record = Players have no heart and pointing fingers at each other
      Losing to less talented opponents = Poor coaching
      Under qualified, idiot coaches = Sideline reporter turned AD
      Rape, sodemy, carjacking and all around criminal culture = Univ of south central

      None of which is the fault of the Wolfman!!! Wolfman is just telling it like it is!!!!!

      Wolfman: I’ll answer the question. You want answers?

      Jonny: I think I’m entitled to them.

      Wolfman: You want answers?!

      Jonny: I want the truth!

      Wolfman: You can’t handle the truth!
      Son, we live in a world where southern cal football is a dumpster fire, and and someone has to tell the truth. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, little Jonny? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for southern cal, and you curse the Wolfman. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know — southern cal sucking, while tragic, probably well deserved; and my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, is the truth.

      I would rather that you just said “thank you” and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a laptop and write your own blog. Either way, I don’t give a DAMN what you think you’re entitled to!


  2. Last night Andyain’twinning’s bozo BB team lost its 4th straight Non-Conf. BB game at Santa Clara Univ. – 102 – 92 in 2OT. Yowsa, Andrew be cranking.

    But there’s good news Clownster’s, today, Helton flipped a 3 star DT from Wash. St.

    Clown U continues to recruit itself.

    Doo Dah, doo dah.


      1. I heard Thug U came in as expected and as usual in recruiting, and that was dead last. U Cockroaches of L.A. suck.


  3. Is someone doing the “I just got here” act? I don’t want sunshine pumping, so Wolf for his faults is straight up, no problem with that.


    1. He’s far from objective. Everything negative all the time other than his Sam Darnold fanboy act. Nobody reads him for his serious, well thought out, football takes.


    2. But most visitors here are sunshine pumpers and believe in killing the messenger. Hold a mirror to the sad state of affairs which is USC football and they more likely to break the mirror than accept reality. Sad.

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      1. Wrong Jake. Scott was a jerk when PC was winning natties in 2004 and 2005. he is a 100% negative guy. USC football is in deep crap I agree. Wolf hasn’t said a good word about anything USC in years. He is a strange dude.


    3. You referring to me GC? Been on a few weeks now and I keep reading the same views from Scottie. Basically, was just hoping this site had good ‘inside’ info. No worries, lots of other good sources out there. Fight On!


  4. Espns Tom Luginbill blasting Trojans and Bruins for losing top recruits from California. USC should and used to be on everyones list. Not anymore and those that are waiting to sign is why?


  5. Helton got his one ‘free year’ aka ‘apres Darnold’ and revealed to all how truly incompetent and wanting he is by any marker of skill set. He retained staff that he was forced to fired mid-season due to their incompetence. He was never a head coach anywhere prior to Haden, foolishly, giving him the head coaching position at USC.

    Would that USC had a qualified and determined athletic director instead of a back end of a horse who lugs his golf clubs everywhere he flies.

    No idea how long this fool is allowed to hold his position at USC but until he is gone there will be no significant change at USC no matter who is hired on staff – none.

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  6. The funny part about Scott Wolf being negative is, that he always seems to be right with his assessment of the USC football program, because if he wasn’t, then Lane Kiffin, and Steve Sarkisian would have never been fired. And Clay Helton would have the program at a championship level after three years, but he’s clearly running it into the ground, so when was Wolf wrong ?!!! This Trojans football 🏈, not Oregon State !!!

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  7. Like most of us SW is right sometimes and wrong others. During the PC years he seemed to dislike PC ,perhaps he didn’t get called on enough or something. I know when PC went pro SW said he would fail particularly vs Harbaugh.
    He has been mostly critical of SC through the years,sometimes with good reason, sometimes not,it seemed he had a grudge. He is spot on currently and all the evidence is there for the reasons why. And I fear it is going to get even worse , if helton is still in charge running practices…or ones he calls practices in shorts.


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