Former USC Assistant Tony Bland Reaches Plea Deal

Former USC assistant basketball coach Tony Bland has agreed to a plea bargain in the federal investigation into college basketball corruption. He is expected to receive a sentence of 6-12 months or even just probation.

Does the plea bargain mean Bland implicated anyone else? That would be on the mind of people at USC.


10 thoughts on “Former USC Assistant Tony Bland Reaches Plea Deal

  1. if Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden had been brought up on charges, what do you think his punishment would have been? I say around 5 to 10 years in the Federal Pen. U Cockroaches of LA suck


    1. The most damning fact that pointed directly at Wooden’s cowardice was Gene Bartow having his life threatened by Sam Gilbert mere mos. after he took over in 1976 from ‘the peckerwood’ after he confronted Gilbert’s talons sunk deep into JD Morgan’s posterior. The LA Times, Herald-Examiner, Press-Telegram, Daily News – nothing and worse on the local tv…..everyone in the tank for ‘holy jonnie’ and his sweet con.


      1. You mean John, All American as player & coach and best coach in the history of his sport, Wooden?
        That one.
        The scars are deep and you will obviously have them for your entire life.
        Wear them well my friend.


      1. To JMet,

        John who told players in such great detail how to tie the players shoes yet he doesn’t notice the players driving new cars and wearing new clothes. The cheeter’ was a did know. Morgan had a good friend with the ncaa and that friend stopped the investigation. Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden was a farce


  2. that sentencing amounts to they really have zero…SC punished Melton more than Bland will be punished for doing nothing. it seems accusations and the media run the sentencing more than courts and real evidence.


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