Has Clay Helton’s Image Sunk Further?

USC’s recruiting class is ranked in the 20’s but Clay Helton does not seem to be doing much to repair his image.

Here is what defensive lineman Datona Jackson told the Palm Springs Desert Sun about Helton revoking his scholarship offer:

“Jackson said that it was USC head coach Clay Helton who called him to tell him that they were offering a scholarship to another player and were therefore revoking the offer to him. He cited Jackson’s trip to meet with coaches at Oregon last Friday, after committing to USC, as the reason.

“But that left the 6-foot-4, 270-pound lineman and COD coaches a bit puzzled, because they insist that Helton knew about the trip and was fine with it — as long as he ultimately signed with the Trojans on Signing Day. Jackson took the trip to Oregon and was open with the coaches there that he was committed to USC.”

Mr. Faith, Family and Football showing a lot of integrity here.

Worse, though, was Helton still being in denial regarding the lack of discipline within the program. Asked about changing the culture, Helton said, there will be “accountability to do the right thing on the field over and over again.”

On the field?

There are big problems off the field. A player refused to play in the Notre Dame game. Players directed profanity at a staff member on the sideline during the Utah game. A player told a coach he would beat him up during the UCLA game. There is little discipline, which carries into off-the-field workouts and practices.

And Helton talks about doing the right thing on the field. Amazing.


22 thoughts on “Has Clay Helton’s Image Sunk Further?

  1. Clay Helton is a far cry from being savvy in recruiting top-shelf players for a team that has a stellar reputation for bringing the best out in talented young players. His approach to building a stellar program brings new meaning to the term “inept”. He might want to consider visiting Bama and/or Ohio State and learn why SC was humiliated on the field by both teams in recent years. And, then he should resign and apply to a small school that will tolerate a second-rate and mediocre head coach.

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    1. USC has “a stellar reputation for bringing the best out in young players”? What decade are you still living in? Was USC good at that in the 60’s, 70’s or something? As long as I’ve been aware, USC has a reputation, decade after decade, for underperforming the talent walking in the front door. If those players end up being excellent pros, that just further proves that it is to the NFL’s credit not the frat boys of USC.


  2. Honestly, who cares. If he miraculously wins a lot this year and saves his job no one will care about this recruit. If he loses and gets canned, no one will care about this recruit and we’ll get a new coach. Plus the recruit still gets a free ride somewhere, albeit at a lesser school but that’s better than nothing. Everyone wins.


    1. Actually, no… not everybody wins. SC is headed for a 6-loss season in 2019. Maybe then Helton will lose his job. And then we start all over, like a dog chasing it’s tail. Years of sustained chaos, cluelessness and underachievement leading to the steady demise of Trojan Football. I wouldn’t call that “winning” unless you’re a Bruin.


  3. Ever play the game? Newsflash, the sort of stuff you call out happens on every team at every level. Dudes get passionate and say stuff. sometimes stupid stuff, angry stuff and even swear words (gasp) come out. I suggest you get over it and stop the lame grasping at straws in your pathetic and obvious attempt to paint Coach H in such a negative light with such non issues.
    Now that I think about it, and re-read your article, you really are an unintelligent, obviously incredibly biased, blowhard jackass aren’t you? Who spouts the kind of ignorant junk you do? Coach pulls an offer? Oh no… Hair on fire! News flash: Every single team in college pulls offers. Even the Almighty God Saban. Besides who really cares if a JUCO 3 star junk player with history got yanked? I’m glad coach had the nuts to do it as it means a better player gets that offer. If you had any credibility or a modicum of knowledge, you would talk about where SC will more than likely land at the end of the entire recruiting cycle with the remaining targets that are slam dunks. Top 10 easy and quite possibly top 5 when all is said and done. Finally the unflatering photo you put at the top of the page.
    Who the hell even does that? I feel sorry for people in your world. Go away…

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    1. Maybe….problem is Helton is in his 4th full year and come next October he’ll be starting his fifth. The program is a mess and leaving this poor fool as head coach is reason enough for any strong recruiter to point that out to any top tier recruit.

      Excess here by Wolf? Yes….that’s his ‘m.o.’ sadly a lot of what he has splattered on this site is true….Helton is a disaster and nothing can whitewash the severe drop in national ranking from last year to today due to a coach who had to: sack his ‘O’ line and ‘OC’ mid-season and then release additional staff after the last game against notre dame. Nearly all of us here bluntly stated this would be the result with Sam Darnold leaving and it is. Helton is a disaster

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  4. You’re so naive, Scottie. Talk to Adam Maya and the boys. Recruiting is a negotiation. Until both parties sign on the dotted line, it’s not a done deal. Figueroa turned out to the be the more valued player, so they picked him up. Don’t be a Polyanna….

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  5. I listen to the Helton promises and have no faith. During the season, the similar promises were made and nothing happened. AND routs abound during his reign of terror…(aka Alabama, Ohio State, Texas, ND, Stanford, Utah)… His defense is dreadful, offense pedantic, special teams poor…so now we hang our hat on Kliff and the new recruits….LOL

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  6. SC…2-3 star recruits=12
    SC …4star recruits =6
    SC…5 star recruits = 0
    Out of the top 20 for the first time since , what? 15-20 years…


    1. Even you know, or should that National Signing Day returns the first Friday of February and the class will not be finished till then. Numbers may not change but at least try not to be so transparent about your agenda.


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