Kliff Kingsbury Promises Open QB Competition

USC offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury told ESPN the quarterback position is open.

“It’ll be open competition,” Kingsbury said. “I want to see how everybody handles my system. How they pick it up and how they play within my system.”

He sure makes it clear Clay Helton won’t have much to do with the offense.

And he even admitted he contacted Helton and Helton contacted him at the same time, perhaps at the urging of Lynn Swann.

“I approached him and he approached me kind of simultaneously,” Kingsbury said.

Asked if he was promised the USC head-coaching job if Helton is fired?

“No, not at all,” Kingsbury said.



15 thoughts on “Kliff Kingsbury Promises Open QB Competition

  1. Asked if he was promised the USC head-coaching job if Helton is fired?

    “No, not at all,” Kingsbury said.

    Wow, that was quite a cutthroat conversation but a really relevant one. lol.


      1. I’m of the Pete School – depth charts should be written in sand. Open competition at every position every week.


  2. Daniels would not have started at WSU, under Mike Leach, I doubt he will under KK either, unless there are q/b transfers…leaving SC. Q/B development will be different now.,there will actually be some.


    1. Perhaps. He won’t win the job, however, throwing off of his back foot, not improving his pocket presence, and relying on WRs like Pittman to bail him out on 50/50 balls.


  3. The eyes don’t lie, people do, and clearly Jack Sears is a better quarterback than JT Daniels. Jobs are on the line, and Kliff Kingsbury’s reputation is at stake, so I’m sure we’ll see the best quarterback starting for the Trojans.


    1. Your empty generalization reflects your myopia. JT Daniels was the best quarterback or he would not have started. He was because Matt Fink and Jack Sears had a year and a half in the system and were passable as quarterbacks. Arizona State sucked in Jacks only start. JT will again beat both of them out for the position as he will physically mature and he is a better student of the game than both of them. He will master Kliffs system the quickest and we will have Amon Ra and Bru as his air raid targets again.


  4. My opinion is that Kingsbury is in the running for head coaching position but he does not want to make waves. My question is, why would he want to come to USC if there was not a chance to being the head coach. I like hoe Helton won’t have a say who the above will be or the offense that will be run. Te comment about open competition releases Helton from his comment of his hands being tied because Klinsbury did not make any promise as well


  5. Kliff is being political and doesnt want any quarterback to transfer its a wise statement from him. Im sure he didnt come all the way here to have Matt Fink or Jack Sears as his quarterback.


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