USC Sunday Buzz: Is It Head Coach Kingsbury?

Just to follow-up on Kliff Kingsbury’s interview, he sure went out of his way to say “my system,” when discussing the offense.

A new coach would usually say “our system” or “the system.”

He also didn’t flinch when asked what would happen if Clay Helton was fired. His tone was almost, “oh well.”

We could essentially have three head coaches next season with Kingsbury running the offense, Clancy “I’m coaching as bad as I can” Pendergast the defense and Clay “We played like warriors” Helton making excuses.

I’ve already heard some reports Kingsbury is not buying into some of the non-sense so prevalent within the USC program and this interview only reinforced it.


31 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Is It Head Coach Kingsbury?

    1. I’ve already some reports…… so who has the intestinal fortitude to not be liked in the locker room or during team meetings? The Clayster- aside from putting on his mean hat every now and then- doesn’t, but maybe, with his Texas roots, KK does. It can be hard and everyone isn’t built to do it- be respected at the expense of- and the betterment of the team- being liked. Meyer, Saban,Jimbo, and even Dabo (who makes cutthroat decisions without batting an eye) run their teams their way at the expense of being a friend. So, who has the cajones within Troy to do this? I hope KK does.

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      1. Here is my biggest worry: What if USC is in the middle of the 3rd quarter….USC leads by 12 points….and Helton says protect the lead, keep the ball on the ground and USC goes 3 and out or not or does Kingsbury say it’s my offense….I will do what I think will work….
        Who’s really in charge at that point in the game?

        BIG Question Mark!

        And I can Imagine other scenarios….

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      2. Ed Orgeron has the cajones, Norm Chow has the cajones and Tim Davis has the cajones. Oh, wait….all of them were either forced out. Nevermind. Unfortunately, Marv Goux isn’t around any longer.


      1. None of you pansy Rah-Rah’s like the message, and can’t accept the fact that USC Football is as dead as disco right now, and that it will be for the foreseeable future with Clay Helckett and Swan, let alone a disinterested and incompetent Board of Trustees and administration to whom Swan reports. Keep attacking the messenger. Unfortunately, the message regarding the Program is correct, and unfortunately, we are in for a 5-7 or 6-6 year next year. Losses to Stanford, UW, whOregon, Notre Dame, Utah, probably UCLA, possibly @ BYU, and potentially to @ ASU. Who knows about Arizona and @ Colorado (probably W’s) and even Fresno State could embarrass Clay’s squad. Instead of beaking off, use your brain and realistic (!) assessment, and think about it rationally. It could even be 4-8. The defense is going to give up a LOT of points and yards next year. Helckett should’ve been dismissed THIS post season, but that would’ve required an actually-experienced athletic director who was interested and engaged, not to mention his bosses, as well. U$C will only notice and take action when the coffers dry up more, similarly to late Autumn 2000’s attendance figures. Typical, idiotic USC administration arrogance. This program has been set back another 3 years (on top of what it already was set back at the end of this past season) by keeping at least another year. Have you seen this year’s crop of incoming recruits? It will rival the roster Robinson inherited in 1993, if you remember those stiffs.


  1. I’d say this would be the result no matter who was hired i.e. any credible coach elsewhere from a Top 5 conference program knows what a top tier program looks like and USC hasn’t been it since Carroll left but in fact, has steadily declined to where it finds itself a 5 – 7 team with no identity nor real character kind of like what they settle for annually across town at bel-air tech.


    1. No, don’t want to be like them- at least not the football team. They’re like a badly run NFL farm system team. Academically, they coo.


    2. Whoa, Commie Lush, I know it’s early so you still have to pull your head out.

      UCLA 2018 settles for pounding the shit out of Clown U – 34 -27. The Bell now resides at UCLA. Yeah, yeah Commie Lush, SUCCX was voted FB NC’s in 1931, BFD!

      The Clown U defense held J. Kelly to just a measly 287 total yards rushing and a couple of TD’s. The SUCCX defense grabbed their ankles early.

      SUCCX goes “0 – 3 vs California” and vs Stanford, the bozos fail to score a TD.

      Clown U, the ELITE losers.


      1. Just Rent,

        Has the Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden trust fund all used up. Thug U aka haven’t bought a basketball championship since last century. The basketball team is way in the past and irrelevant just like u


      1. Yeah that’s where the lib-SEIU con job began right next to Hollywood HS. At bel-air tech you can major in perv studies and get some ‘hands on’ courtesy of the ‘Bunk House’ on Melrose….bel-air tech the sweetest gig for the left….never any accountability just ask the acolytes for the peckerwood.


  2. Broken record -you were saying the same stuff after finishing #3 in the nation just 2 years go. When things get worse, your hyperbole has nowhere to go. And then when we make the single best Coordinator hire in the nation, it’s all the negative potential palace intrigue gossip you want to focus on. Which makes sense, as you can’t evaluate the new players, you’re not qualified to assess the new position coaches, so why not gossip?? We still love you, Scottie! Have a wonderful holiday season, bud.


    1. Just Rent,

      As the biggest rectum kisser of U Cockroaches of LA, I hope u have doubled up on the cardboard for your home. It is mighty cold on the streets.


      1. I’ve heard Pathetic Twat, that Dr. Geo. Tyndall has a 16 x 20 of you above his home commode. I guess he thinks you’re very a special twat – he would certainly know.


      1. Alford has stated he’s not worried about the ugly losses fan backlash because he only answers to the guy upstairs.

        I doubt he’ll be fired like Mora, but Pitino to UCLA wouldn’t surprise me.


  3. KK would make a great Head Coach @ USC. He has a balanced system. I believe he gets the most out of all his played and they trust his game plan.
    Need to get rid of Helton so the King can do his thing!! Fight On!!
    It will be a tough season no matter who has control, not saying they can’t pull it off.


  4. You guys have a Merry Christmas & prosperous, healthy New Year. This blog & the previous one w/ Wolf where a lot of you have migrated from have kept me entertained for a couple of years.
    Just a couple of rambling thoughts;
    Owns has to be Wolffie just because NO ONE could have such low self esteem that OWNS exhibits to continually absorb the abuse you guys shovel on the lad. OWNS has to be a figment of Wolffies imagination. The kid can take a punch. He seems to enjoy it.
    UC Los Angeles coach Kelly cost more than $700,000/win in ’18. Worst deal in the PAC & he is one double double combo from a widow maker. If I were OWNS I wouldn’t get too enamoured with that football program. They did recruit better this year than Oregon St. so they got that going for them. Which Bowl Game is UC Los Angeles going to? Oh.
    In another article Wolffie states that pro teams were picking apart KK’s contract to analyze the buy out. Who in hell shops a USC OC newly signed contract to the pros? Not USC. Doubtful KK. Only leaves …HIS AGENT. Hmmmmmm.
    I have a lot of respect for the Trojans. You guys get some great athletes. We used to play you tougher in the mid 70’s. I hope we can get back to that. You all know the 76 game #3USC & #8CAL was on ABC national & you can see it on Youtube. Hell of a game.
    2019 should be interesting. We plan on wiping our asses with your jerseys. Our 3* are smart & well coached. We might even score a TD this year.
    Bless you guys and your SC spirit. Owns will be around in 3…2…1…to remind me of the 3-9Ruins score against Cal. Ruins should just be thankful Oregon st plays in the PAC.


    1. “Rambling Thoughts” eh?

      I can’t resist, UCLA 37 – Cal 7.

      C75, if anybody should be thankful for Oregon St. it has to Cal. No Oregon St. and Cal finishes dead last in Pac – 12 North.

      When you can’t get into Sanford, UCLA, or Washington, you settle for Cal.

      75, you’re light is out.


  5. Cal 75,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I remember Joe Roth beating SC way back when. Come back and visit. BTW, don’t worry about Owns, he lives in a double story cardboard box on 110th and San Pedro in LA. He has no clue where Thug U aka UCLA is located let alone know it is just actually a JC college


  6. OWNS-
    This just in,

    They are conducting important experiments in your honor at the UC Los Angeles Medical center. They’re trying to determine which chemicals are safe for rats.


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