USC Morning Buzz: Another Thought On Secondary

I wrote last night about the dire roster status of the cornerback position.

So consider this: New defensive backs coach Greg Burns worked for Pete Carroll at USC from 2002-2005. In the past 13 seasons, Burns worked at seven different teams. Why didn’t Carroll ever hire him back? That’s a warning sign.

6 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Another Thought On Secondary

  1. Frankly, Scott, you’re splitting hairs here. Carroll kept Kiffin and in particular, Sarkisian way longer than their subsequent skill set revealed was warranted on his part. Both professional and college programs are full of personnel that suddenly burst forth with great success or, for whatever reason, marinate for a long time until the right head coach and situation, as well as the long waiting and experience, show a talent not seen before.


    1. I did not know that FB assistant coaches were employed based on a “…subsequent skill set…”

      I have to believe St. Pat wasn’t aware of Prof. Commie Lush’s “…subsequent skill set…” thesis when St. Pat paid a huge ransom for Sark’s services; and, then he negotiated Sark’s contract in a local Seattle bar while they inhaled double Fireballs on SUCCX tab.

      That’s not splitting “…in particular…” hairs.


  2. Just Rent,

    Ugly is not that smart, they spent $36 million and one Coach was 3-9 and the other is 5-7 his last year. Too much money for losers. But Thug U aka loserville aka ugly has always spent money to get what they want instead of earning it. 11 basketball flags were bought


    1. Has SUCCX Tony “Dollar Bill” Bland’s plea bargain been consummated?

      I think what really ticks the Rah-Rah’s off is SUCCX cheating doesn’t help the bozo BB team win games.


  3. Carroll was NEARLY as guilty as Helckett and his two predecessors of not being able to sign tip-top 5 star cornerbacks. Always too many WRs, even in his day, and he would recruit nationally-ranked out-of-state (usually from the South or Big Ten country) CBs, OL and DL and whiff on them (SC always second choice for those wanting to stay close to home, go to Ohio State or play in the SEC), while ignoring many of the California and Arizona talent, who would go on to Cal, whOregon and Arizona and become good players, many even All-Pac Ten selections. In Pete’s latter years at SC, he failed on signing good meat on both lines, as well as good CBs, circa 2006-2009.


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