USC Quick Thought

Is Kliff Kingsbury going to stop a UCLA running back from gaining 289 yards against USC next season?

It’s almost astounding how Clancy Pendergast has gotten a free ride in the offseason and the big moves were a defensive line coach who is an upgrade and a defensive backs who seems about the same. It might be a mitigating factor if Pendergast recruited but some recruits told me they didn’t even see him at USC during the big recruiting weekend just before the fall Signing Day.

10 thoughts on “USC Quick Thought

      1. He rivals Monte in futility at times… Other times (at U-Dub) he’s brilliant. I don’t give him a pass, mo-ron.


    1. Last season’s offense was HORRIBLE, next season’s offense will be Greatly Improved. The Defense will not be on the field nearly as long due to the 3 and outs, which = rested Defense fresh legs. So in my opinion yes they will stop any and all UCLA running backs from gaining 200+ yards. In my opinion.


  1. The rumor is Pendergast was busy designing BB defenses for Andyain’twinning. It must have helped because SUCCX crushed Southern Utah 91 -49, in front of 116 fans @ the Galen Stables.

    There were scattered boos from many of the 116 bozo fans because they considered Southern Utah a typical Andyain’twinning cupcake/cream puff set up.

    That assessment is untrue bozo fans. Southern Utah is a bona fide BB heavyweight by virtue of its crushing 109 – 63 victory over WC Baptist.

    SUCCX fights on.


    1. Just Rent,

      I am surprised that you are not drunk and passed out by 6:30 pm on Christmas Eve. What is wrong? Santa did not bring any Night Train for you?


      1. Fool don’t you know Santa delivers on Christmas not the day before?? Don’t worry he’s got your Mad Dog 20 20 ready for you with the beat down by Peter the Black for your naughty @$$!


  2. I think it’s great that Clancy Pendergast didn’t get fired, because I want USC to give up as many points as possible next season . That way the torture of having Clay Helton as head coach will finally come to an end


  3. Stopping running backs with talent will always be a challenge to effectively stop during a Saturday contest. Even 4 and 5 star recruits who develop technique may not be able to effectively stop backs with speed and strength, e.g. Ezekial Elliot of Ohio State. And, defensive lineman and backs with lower star rankings will have more of a difficult time from keeping these talented backs from generating yards and points on the board.

    The point of the above comments is this: If you have a “second rate” head coach, then why would a 4 or 5 star potential recruit want to commit to signing to a specific college football program? If all these recruits that are being signed because of Kingsbury as SC’s OC, then with exceptional coaching, then there is a chance there will be success in terms of keeping good running backs from looking good during contests; and, more importantly, running up the score and beating SC to a pulp…


    1. Are you joking? Please look up early years Carroll-led team rushing defense statistics, including the opponents’ running backs, including Stephen (Steven?) Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson, Shane Vereen and others I am forgetting. Wolf is right, and the back at UCLA gaining 289 on Teddy Pendergast’s D is a joke. Where are your standards and your pride?


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